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  1. sticky brownstar

    Irish Examiner:
    FF Plans For €500 Water Charges In 2010.

    Eh, hello Cork…
    …Earth calling Cork…
    It’s 2015 already. Did nobody tell you?

    1. Cian

      Its still relevant, as we have FF – lead by a cabinet member from that time – acting as if they’ve always been against water charges. When the only reason we have them was they rolled over and let it in the Troika programme ridiculously easily – as they were already planning it.

  2. Disasta

    Ireland were crap, Scotland were robbed (by yellow card not final penalty).

    Fine Gael abolishing the USC too? Pull the other one Enda ya pathological liar.

  3. BS

    “Like Alabama in the 50’s” didn’t know aodhain was that old…or that the J1 was around in the 50’s. Bandwagon stuff there.

    1. Wayne.F

      The knee jerk reaction to the events in Carrickmines would be laughable if there was not so much suffering surrounding that day. The official report into the cause of the fire has not been made public and people are lining up to demand safety audits of sites without knowing what happened that night.

      The council are trying to shoehorn through a new Temporary site into an area that simply isn’t suitable and due to the tragic circumstances nobody seems to care about the sites merits as suitable or not for both settled and travelling communities

        1. Wayne.F

          Romaine, I am against knee jerk reactions that may not solve the cause of the initial tragedy, against spending time and money on a report that may not deal with all the issues relevant to the tragedy.

          One the report into the fire causes is made public than you can formulate an investigation covering the relevant areas. The initial report into the cause of the fire is all ready been seen by DLRCC and it makes for non surprising reading

      1. Brian S

        exactly. As much a tragedy as it was, simply moving these people to a field up the road isn’t really appropriate. add in the fact that the diggers turn up to deliver a letter to the residents before trying to create a site. what will make this site more safe than the previous one? will there now be fire safety inspections on every council owned halting site? what if the residents don’t want the council coming in and telling them to move caravans away from each other? will there be legislation to deal with that? maybe that should be fast tracked through rather than having legislation pushed through “very quickly” confirming travellers as a “distinct ethnic group” which they aren’t incidently.

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