Can You Feel It?


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The just-released theatrical poster for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

Whoa look, C3PO and R2D2, they’re saying. No sign of Luke, they’re saying.

All this and a new trailer due out later today.

Full sized version here.


13 thoughts on “Can You Feel It?

  1. Anomanomanom

    Will this not just be as awful as the others ones are, well so iv heard. I’ve never actually seen any of them.

    1. Disasta

      They are very awful you should be delighted you have not seen them. This will most likely follow suit.

  2. Manta Rae

    Very theatrical. Or maybe, if you live in the States, it’s merely a theatre poster. Prefer cinema poster myself.

    1. Cloud

      I see where you’re going with that, that’s a masked Adam Driver on the left.

      Unless they’ve pulled off a massive disinformation campaign on who’s playing what character, but I doubt it.

  3. Eoin

    I really want this to be GREAT. It sounds like it’s being done right as well. They’re ticking all the critical boxes. I really want to see this in the cinema. But I’ve declared this franchise ‘broken beyond repair’ after being conned into seeing the last three movies by George Lucas. If I go and see this and it turns out to be as bad as them I might end up never trusting the cinema (in general) ever again. It kinda reminds me of Donald Trumps presidential race. Bush and Obama mess everything up. Trump comes along and says how he’s going to fix everything, making a lot of sense, but he’s probably still going to be a disaster if he gets the job. And then afterwards everyone’s upset they got conned……………AGAIN!

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