British Secretary of State for Northern ireland Therese Villiers in the House of Commons this afternoon.

A Government-ordered review has found that all the main republican and loyalist terror groups in Northern Ireland remain in existence, but are now committed to peace.
The independent review, called by Theresa Villiers, also found that all the main groups had committed murders since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement but their leaders were now committed to peaceful means, she told parliament.
It also found that the structures of the Provisional IRA remain, including an Army council, but in a “much reduced form”, Ms Villiers said.
She said the report found that “individual members of paramilitary groups with a legacy of violent activity still represent a threat to national security”.


Nothing gets past them.

IRA still exists but in ‘much reduced form’, says official report (Guardian)

IRA ruling body still exists, Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers tells MPs (Telegraph)


21 thoughts on “Known Knowns

  1. Manta Rae

    So the Provos are still among us? Of course they are. One is even running for the Seanad on a Labour ticket…

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I saw my problems and I’ll see the light
        We got a lovin’ thing, we gotta feed it right
        There ain’t no danger we can go too far
        We start believin’ now that we can be who we are – ‘Provo’ is the word

        It’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning
        Provo’s the time, is the place, is the motion
        Provo’s the way we are feeling

        * grunts ‘uh, uh, uh!’ …aaaaand dramatic pointing in the air! *

      1. Manta Rae

        She would have been a Provo before becoming a dissident. Her family were Provos.

        But despite her fondness for armed struggle in the past, she’s INM’s best pal now… and is about to earn herself a lovely wee pension, courtesy of the Free State

  2. Terry Crone

    No. The opposite is the case!!
    Very, very, anti-Provo!!

    In fairness, Ego Harris must be raging: even his long-distance record can’t compete with going from a Dissident group to Labour.

    By the way, isn’t saying you were on the Ard Chomhairle of RNU “for a few hours” a bit like saying you found yourself accidentally performing in Croke Park?

  3. Mr. T.

    So basically the Good Friday Agreement is holding despite the best efforts of Fine Gael and DUP to subvert it for undermining the mandate of the left and the chances of a left leaning government north or south.

    1. Oh Dear

      Yep. And nothing to do with it being put in jeopardy by IRA members killing people.

      IRA/SF are always the true victims. Even when they’re killing people and covering up child abuse.

  4. Steve

    Not telling irish electorate it didn’t already know, but if it knocks a few percentage points off SF in the general election then the report has done fine work.

    1. Truth in the News

      It will do the opposite and always does….where did they all derive their existance
      from, The Unionists, DeV, Cumain Na Gael stroke Blueshirts, even the Labour
      Party – Citizen Army out of the barrell of a gun.
      What if the Shinners pulled the plug on Robinson in relation to the Nama deal
      “it hasnt gone away you know”

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