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The statue in Fairview Park of former Chief of Staff of the IRA Seán Russell, who died on a German U-Boat in 1940

““We have a few of our own statues we may need to take down. There is a statue in Fairview Park in Dublin of an Irish republican man who was also a Nazi collaborator… I think any statues that come down should come down legally… let’s not engage in violence.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar yesterday.


Via Irish Socialist Republicans:

‘Seán Russell was not a Nazi. Those that describe him as such do so to attack the Republican Movement. Calls to remove the 1940s IRA Monument in Fairview Park must be seen in the context of the Free State’s War On Republicanism and the ongoing Counter Revolution to suppress the All Ireland Republic.

Anti Imperialist Action have established a daily watch on the Russell Statue and will defend it against any attack. We will not stand by while the Free State attempts to attack the Republican Movement or mislead the Irish People with a Revisionist version of history.

We send a very clear message to the Free State and anti republican elements that would attack the 1940s IRA Monument as an attack on Republicanism today,

Hands off Seán Russell!


Anti Imperialist Action (Facebook)

Seán Russell?

Statue of IRA Nazi collaborator in Fairview Park may be pulled down (Dublin Live)

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This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

The mother and father of murdered Paul Quinn, Steven and Breege Quinn after attending the Dail today as TDs return to the chamber for the first time in two weeks.

In 2007, Mr Quinn (21) from Cullyhanna in south Armagh was beaten to death by a gang of around a dozen men in a farm shed on the border near Castleblayney, County Monaghan.

Mr and Mrs Quinn blame the IRA, but Sinn Féin has long denied republican involvement.


Mr Quinn’s mother, Breege Quinn, said she wanted Sinn Féin’s Finance Minister in Northern Ireland, Conor Murphy, “to say the simple words that Paul Quinn was not a criminal”.

At the time of the murder, Mr Murphy alleged that Mr Quinn was involved in criminality before he was killed.

Ms Quinn said she was not satisfied with what she termed “obscure apologies” to date, and alleged that “the slur’ that her son had been a criminal is being ‘actively promoted by Sinn Fein.’

Ms McDonald has also spoken to the Quinn family on the phone.

“He (Conor) has made an apology. It’s sincerely made and I hope and trust that the Quinn family will get some level of comfort from that,” Ms McDonald said last month.

Family of murdered Paul Quinn renew call for Murphy clarification (RTÉ)



Captions reads:

“The Guards – Beggars Bush – Irish Republican Army – February – 4th 1922 – The men who fought for the freedom of Ireland (the first unit of IRA in uniform)”.

The Guards at Beggar’s Bush (UCD Digital Library)


Spotted at Collins Barracks, Cork.

A yellow 1919 Rolls Royce, known as The Moon Car, used by the 1st Cork Brigade of the Irish Republican Army as an improvised armoured car between 1920 and 1924.

News Punt writez:

“It had just been donated by somebody. Don’t know who donated it. It’s taxed and comes with a machine gun.”


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From top: Football defector Declan Rice as a Republic of Ireland player; from his Instagram account in 2015


The footie star, who turned his back on Ireland last month, could start for England tomorrow for the first time following his country switch

…But social media posts have emerged of Rice crowing “up the Ra” and his hope of playing AGAINST the Three Lions….


RICE’S SHOCK COMMENTS Former Ireland star Declan Rice roars ‘Up the Ra’ in resurfaced social media posts ahead of first England game (The Irish Sun)

Those ‘Love Eire‘ parcels..

A new twist….

Police in the UK say they are investigating claims that a group calling itself the IRA was behind a series of parcel bombs sent to addresses in London and Glasgow last week.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police and Police Scotland said a claim was received by The Irish News in Belfast yesterday using a recognised code word.

The Provisional IRA or the Continuity IRA or the Real IRA or even the Old IRA?

Or lethal, if argumentative, amalgam of all four?

We may never know.

Police investigate claims ‘IRA’ behind parcel bombs (RTÉ)

Previously: Hot Mail

In Birmingham this morning

This morning.

In Birmingham, England.

A jury was sworn in to hear the inquests into the deaths of 21 people in the 1974 IRA Birmingham pub bombings.

Coroner Peter Thornton told the 11 jurors the inquests could last up to six weeks.

Journalist Tom Bushnell tweetz:

Birmingham pub bombings: Inquests into 21 deaths under way (The Irish Times)