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From top: Football defector Declan Rice as a Republic of Ireland player; from his Instagram account in 2015


The footie star, who turned his back on Ireland last month, could start for England tomorrow for the first time following his country switch

…But social media posts have emerged of Rice crowing “up the Ra” and his hope of playing AGAINST the Three Lions….


RICE’S SHOCK COMMENTS Former Ireland star Declan Rice roars ‘Up the Ra’ in resurfaced social media posts ahead of first England game (The Irish Sun)

Those ‘Love Eire‘ parcels..

A new twist….

Police in the UK say they are investigating claims that a group calling itself the IRA was behind a series of parcel bombs sent to addresses in London and Glasgow last week.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police and Police Scotland said a claim was received by The Irish News in Belfast yesterday using a recognised code word.

The Provisional IRA or the Continuity IRA or the Real IRA or even the Old IRA?

Or lethal, if argumentative, amalgam of all four?

We may never know.

Police investigate claims ‘IRA’ behind parcel bombs (RTÉ)

Previously: Hot Mail

In Birmingham this morning

This morning.

In Birmingham, England.

A jury was sworn in to hear the inquests into the deaths of 21 people in the 1974 IRA Birmingham pub bombings.

Coroner Peter Thornton told the 11 jurors the inquests could last up to six weeks.

Journalist Tom Bushnell tweetz:

Birmingham pub bombings: Inquests into 21 deaths under way (The Irish Times)


Shane Paul O’Doherty, aged 18, on the run in London, 1972

Repentant IRA bomber Shane Paul O’Doherty went on the Ray D’arcy Show on RTÈ Radio 1 yesterday to discuss his life growing up on the ‘wrong side of the border’and why he turned to violence.

In a lengthy, compelling interview Mr O’Doherty, who took to religion in Long Kesh, addresses ‘misconceptions’ about when the Troubles began, questions the role – if any –  of the 1966 Easter Rising commemorations in luring young men to the IRA and speculates on the organisation’s most famous ‘non-member.

Grab a tay.

Ray D’Arcy: “My next guest, Shane Paul O’Doherty received 30 life sentences for his bombing campaigns with the IRA in 1975. Seeing his victims in court sent him on a journey of discovery through years of studying the Bible and corresponding with his Bishop, he found the truth he’d been looking for in the isolation of his solitary cell. Today, he’s still atoning for his actions. How’re you doing Shane?”

Shane Paul O’Doherty: “Who wrote that Ray?”

D’Arcy: “Will wrote it. You were the subject would you believe of a documentary on Sunday night?”

O’Doherty: “I accidentally emailed Roger Childs – “

D’Arcy: “…Who is the Head of Religious Programmes at RTÉ”

O’Doherty: “ – about six months ago, I said Roger, ‘Can you think outside the box, can you make a sexy, different play about Kevin Barry about his last few weeks?’ So, it worked out that we got a documentary about me writing a play about Kevin Barry and more, and more of my story than I really wished – because, I mean I’ve had this book out about donkeys years – that I’ve brought you a copy of and one for Will, there isn’t a copy for everyone in the audience.”

D’Arcy: “Thanks Shane. Well, I watched that and I watched Peter Taylor’s documentary, which was made in 1989, in which he spoke to your four brothers and your ma – it’s very fascinating and the interesting thing was that you wrote a letter when you were nine, which said, ‘When I grow up I want to fight and if necessary die for Ireland’s Freedom’. Signed Shane Paul. Well, you were nine – in 1965.”

O’Doherty: “Yeah, well I was 10. I had been reading books about Irish history for years, there was a real library at home and I somehow got stuck into books on Irish history, with you know the terrible sorrows of Irish history, and you know there was one book there – ‘Speeches from the Dock’ – an old book, I’ve still got copies of it yet. and I was fired up as a kid, you know, as someone who was reading from a very young age, my Da was a teacher in the Christian Brothers, he was a great man for reading and I had read so much about Irish history that i was overwhelmed by its tragedies and I had a notion, you know that I wanted to grow up and fight for Ireland – to die for Ireland. But the interesting thing was when I was being interrogated by the RUC much later, having been arrested during the cease-fire in ’75 – they raced in with great glee at one point in the interrogation and showed me this – and I was more embarrassed by that note…”

D’Arcy: “…that you’d written as a nine year-old.”

O’Doherty: “…than I was being embarrassed about being captured. So embarrassed by it.”

D’Arcy: “So they were using that as evidence against you?”

O’Doherty: “Ah well, I’d say it was intended to cause me embarrassment. You know, what a D Head you are – we’ve captured you, you know?” Continue reading


Thomas Slab Murphy arriving at the Special Criminal Court this morning (top) and leaving this evening (above) for an unspecified prison.

Alleged former IRA “chief of staff”, Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy, has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for tax evasion.

He was convicted of nine charges at the Republic of Ireland’s non-jury Special Criminal Court in December….

….Speaking to journalists before the hearing started, he was asked if he would go onto the republican wing if he was sent to prison.

Murphy replied: “I’ve no idea, I’ve never been in jail before.”

When asked if he might now write a book on his experiences, he said: “Ah, ye (you) have all written it already.”

‘Slab’ Murphy: Tax evasion jail term for alleged ex-IRA chief (BBC)

NUJ seeks garda probe into intimidation of journalists by associates of ‘Slab’ Murphy (Independent.ie)



British Secretary of State for Northern ireland Therese Villiers in the House of Commons this afternoon.

A Government-ordered review has found that all the main republican and loyalist terror groups in Northern Ireland remain in existence, but are now committed to peace.
The independent review, called by Theresa Villiers, also found that all the main groups had committed murders since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement but their leaders were now committed to peaceful means, she told parliament.
It also found that the structures of the Provisional IRA remain, including an Army council, but in a “much reduced form”, Ms Villiers said.
She said the report found that “individual members of paramilitary groups with a legacy of violent activity still represent a threat to national security”.


Nothing gets past them.

IRA still exists but in ‘much reduced form’, says official report (Guardian)

IRA ruling body still exists, Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers tells MPs (Telegraph)