16 thoughts on “At Home With Attila

    1. Prop Joe

      Erm, I think it’s making fun of the facebook battlecry of the orange face, tight ponytail, pyjama or tracksuit wearing “wans”

      Or basically anyone with an IQ which would only reach triple figures if they were dogs.

      1. Prop Joe

        The mad thing is this
        “Hope ur ok hun” or “U ok hun” spans generations.
        I know auld ones, in their fifties who say it.

        1. Caroline

          But if we protest too loudly at the existence of this affectionate and familiar inquiry, how will we pass our Turing Tests?

          Not that such a test is pending for this commenter!


      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        Is ‘Fab’ another on those battlecries? All the wans seem to be saying it to each other.

        Anyhoo, yeer art is FAB Flavo! Xxxxxx

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