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This afternoon.

Aoife Dooley, the brilliant illustrator, graphic designer, author and comedian reaches out.

Can you help?

Aoife Dooley

Ah now..

A day after her writing innocently appeared on the Junior Cert English paper, illustrator Aoife Dooley (top) remains a target for ‘messers’ and nihilistic sociopaths alike.

Yesterday: Swot!

From top: today’s  Junior Cert English Paper 1 today; Aoife Dooley

Illustrator and comedian Aoife Dooley tweetz:

Woke up to find out that I was on the junior cert English paper today  what the hell. I’m now getting messages from 15 year olds asking why I hate the bus. I just want to make it clear, I don’t, I just hate people…


Aoife Dooley


Aoife Dooley’s ‘Ah Gwan’ keyring

There may be tay key rings.

Brian writes:

I know you dont normally do this, but I met Aoife Dooley yesterday and she has an exhibition and launch of her book ‘Life Tips And Other Bits’ and a sale [of prints, keyrrings, etc]  in the Bernard Shaw [Richmond Street, Dublin]  tomorrow at 6pm. A post would help a really amazing, funny and talented Dublin artist. I’m just attending, not organising…

Life Tips And Other Bits Launch – Aoife Dooley (Facebook)

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Doodler Aoife Dooley.

You may like her.

Ciaran le Cool writes:

“A video profile on Coolock’s [Dublin] Aoife Dooley, she’s still studying in NCAD DIT, [3rd year studying Visual Communication] but she’s done Le Cool covers and Guides to the North/South Side. and been on BS before.
“Aoife’s mum passed away suddenly last year since then she’s been highly focused to become the best illustrator she can be. A lovely person and a real talent.”

Profiles In creativity: Aoife Dooley (EntreNous]