Back To The Chipper




For the day that’s in it.

Paula Hurley writes:

Super fans Darren McKenna and Balsha Raich of [Dublin-based production company] The Ligthroom wanted to create something to celebrate Back to the Future  day. With only 8 days and zero budget – their golden asset was a Delorean car at their disposal for 6 hours.

…We follow two Dublin lads with a love for the past. They come across a Delorean and end up time travelling to Dublin 1985 where they accidentally make a few changes to their local chipper. When they finally return to the present; October 21st 2015 – things seem to have changed….

The Lightroom

11 thoughts on “Back To The Chipper

    1. Anne

      But how big were batter burgers in the 70s? I never had a batter burger ever.
      Besides, it’s poetic license.

      I liked it.
      The acting was no worse than Fair City either.

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I did enjoy that – fair play lads!

    Although I do have to agree with the temporal dissonance: I remember my first batter burger at the steam rally in Staplestown, long before the events pictured. But I did like the gratuitous tip to the Marvin Berry bit…

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