Last night.

Miss Panti at the Irish Premiere of the Conor Horgan-directed, Mick Mahon-edited documentary about the life of Rory O’Neill, The Queen of Ireland in the Lighthouse cinema, Dublin.

The Queen of Ireland goes on general release TODAY.

Entrance, in fairness.

The Queen of Ireland review: Tragedy, comedy, a plucky, unlikely heroine, and a sweeping dramatic arc (Tara Brady, The Irish Times)

Interview with Conor Horgan and Rory O’Neill (IFTN)

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(Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie)

29 thoughts on “Queeno

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    This one is going to annoy a hell of a lot of people who are definitely not homophobic and just care about the childer.

    1. gick

      middle class privately school reared white gay man and successful publican does well in dress. shockin’

  2. fluffybiscuits

    Went to see it last night

    Lets be honest first off Panti is not representative of everyone on the gay community and I do think there is an air of arrogance however the film surprised me. She is erudite and well spoken and did help pass the SSM vote :)

      1. fluffybiscuits

        That came up in discussion this morning, Im not too sure….I know she spent time in Japan where there would be an American influence to some degree in terms of English teachers and military presence so perhaps that has something to do with it?

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Is it not just that that is part of the persona Rory created. There is an element of acting to it all, so why not. I mean, should he be using a thick Mayo accent and use bailing twine for garters?

          2. Prop Joe

            There’s several degrees in in the spectrum, I’m not saying he should start calving the cows and drinking tea from milk bottles, but drop the sex and the city schtick. It#s annoying.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            Sure there’s loads of culchies out there with non culchie accents. It’s not exactly unique to Panti.

    1. well, tat's that

      Shirley still does the Bingo in the George every Sunday. Plenty to flog outta that horse yet!

        1. Prop Joe

          Telly Bingo monday nights
          Telly Bingo monday nights
          Telly Bingo monday nights
          Telly Bingo monday nights

  3. Christopher

    I saw it last night and it was fine but not amazing. I think its very easy to be a bit blase about Panti as we are all a bit overexposed at this stage but there is so much to admire (the nobel call still moves me every time I hear it). It was nice to be reminded of the Pantigate to referendum story but I was a bit disappointed that the video cameras following her didn’t catch anything to add to the story that we hadn’t seen already. The best footage was archival or things from Panti’s own video collection. In fact the cameras very often were just interviewing her instead of catching real moments (alot of it that was supposed to be natural were quite staged which was disappointing). Plus the final scene was a mistep and should have been cut and ended on Panti’s advice and trip to Balinrobe which was great.
    I think that this film will be a big hit internationally because of the coverage of the referendum. There is a hilarious scene with Joan Burton and a couple of other labour TDs getting their picture taken with Panti at the result and them being completely ignored by the worlds media.

    1. some old queen

      And what have you done lately eh?

      Rory made one of the most empowering Queer speeches ever seen or heard which not only went viral but swept away most of the homophobic censoring which was going to stifle debate in the run up to the referendum. He explained that we are all homophobic to some degree.

      If you can’t get over the fact he is a drag queen then you really don’t understand gays. They started the Queer civil rights movement and have played a leading part ever since.

      Now what have YOU done lately again?

      1. salmon eile

        Accept the point but really it was not a ” queer” speech per se IMHO but an empowering speech to all

  4. 15 cents

    i saw panti doin stand -up for amnesty int. a little while back. basically the whole time she was having a go solely at people who support her or admire her. then after that, went into jokes about people who are tortured around the world, which is what amnesty were trying to raise awareness about .. so it was ‘torture is sexy for some people’ kinda gags. stuff like ‘sting me up and electrocute my nipples any time honey’ sort of muck.

    1. 15 cents

      but tasteless jokes aside, it was mainly the rippin the backs off her supporteres thing that seemed .. poo-ey.

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