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oliverstanleyOliver Stanley

Oliver Stanley by Conor Horgan (top) and Conor’s dedication in the Queen of ireland

Miss Panti’s just-opened documentary The Queen of Ireland is dedicated to artist and designer Oliver Stanley, who died in 1995.

Michael Le Cool writes in the current issue of Le Cool Dublin:

We never knew Oliver. We do know that the director Conor Horgan knew him and once took his portrait (above) which featured in an exhibition in the Little Museum held last year. We know many others do too because he was there before equality, before grindr, before gay politicians and sportspeople.

He was one of the designers on the first edition of Out magazine which was published here in December 1984. Its 36-page edition cost “IR60p (almost €1, without inflation) and lead with a 5-page feature on UK pop act Bronski Beat”.

We know that one of our all time heroes Tonie Walsh references him in GCN in their celebration of The George turning 30 this month. “One of my fondest memories, was going into the loft while I was working on a FAS scheme at Out magazine, and Oliver Stanley, a wonderful guy, had painted the most wonderful trompe l’oeil on the ceiling, of all of these fit homoerotic blokes playing pool.”

Being fortunate enough to be at the premiere of The Queen of Ireland in the Lighthouse Cinema on Wednesday night, we felt blessed. Surrounded by spectacular people – people who have fuelled countless ideas, shared and realised dreams, sparked moments of magic, failed miserably yet spectacularly, shouldered each other through tough times and most importantly survived. Survived to celebrate what it means to be different, to think differently, to aspire to greater things and celebrate us, our friends and all the Oliver Stanleys we may have known, wish we’d known and hope we will know because they live on. Because we are all Queens in our own right.

Editorial (Le Cool Dublin)

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Last night.

Miss Panti at the Irish Premiere of the Conor Horgan-directed, Mick Mahon-edited documentary about the life of Rory O’Neill, The Queen of Ireland in the Lighthouse cinema, Dublin.

The Queen of Ireland goes on general release TODAY.

Entrance, in fairness.

The Queen of Ireland review: Tragedy, comedy, a plucky, unlikely heroine, and a sweeping dramatic arc (Tara Brady, The Irish Times)

Interview with Conor Horgan and Rory O’Neill (IFTN)

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But enough about our architecture.

Let’s talk mickey.

Miss Panti, judgmental Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow on stage.

Paddy, at Universal Ireland, writes:

As you may be aware Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow had an evening with Panti Bliss last Thursday on the eve of the Irish premiere of Trainwreck (2015). We put together a highlight reel of the best one-liners, quips and anecdotes for you to enjoy (above)…

Universal Ireland


Panti Bliss: The Queen of Ireland

A crowd funded documentary – directed by Conor Horgan and produced by B!inder Films – on the fabulous life and turbulent times of Miss Panti, Rory O’Neill.

B!inder write:

We have set a goal of €50,000 to make this film. This will allow us to continue filming with Rory / Panti over the next few months, as well as allowing us to edit, research, get rights to use archive, music, and everything else we need to make the film.  We plan to raise matching funds, so YOUR contributions will help us make this the best film possible. You cannot underestimate the impact YOU can have on the future and the success of The Queen of Ireland.

 Panti Bliss: The Queen of ireland (Indiegogo)

Thanks Michael le Cool



Patrick Corrigan writes:

“While you’re waiting for the film of Panti’s life… here’s 3 minutes of her visit to Belfast to deliver ‘Panti versus Homophobia’ the Amnesty International Belfast Pride Annual Lecture. Belfast Pride parade – Ireland’s largest – takes place tomorrow in the city…”