Reality Bites Dog



Staying in tonight?

Puit Bull, part of the Reality Bites strand, on RTÉ2 at 9.30pm

Anne Louise Foley writes:

The popular image of a Pit Bull and breeds of this ilk is a snarling dog straining at the leash with its tattooed owner barely controlling it. But there’s a whole group of responsible dog owners who feel restricted breeds are being wrongly demonised.
Across the documentary we meet some of the surprising owners – from the suburban couple, to a Crufts winner, to couples with young children – as these owners talk the pitfalls and responsibilities that come with owning a breed on Ireland’s restricted list.


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17 thoughts on “Reality Bites Dog

    1. Gers

      Doesn’t matter the owners, every dog has the potential to attack anyone at any time if scared or threaten, with this out of the way the only differences then are the power of the dog, mainly the jaw pressure power to which the PitBull comes in the top 3/4 breed of dogs behind German Sheppard and Rottweiler. Its a dangerous dog, especially for children due to their small size. In Ireland all 3 breeds mentioned above are not meant to be in public places without a muzzle, something to very rarely see applied ….

      1. Paolo

        In that case, horses and cattle should be banned. Every car has the potential to explode, as does every gas boiler.

        You are an ignorant person.

        1. salmon eile

          He didn’t say that no one should own a dog. He said dangerous dogs need to be handled by competent people and that is the same with horses and cattle too.

  1. Wayne.F

    I seen a trailer for this, “it wasn’t really an attack he only bite him once or twice” I think was a quote from it

  2. Prop Joe

    I watched their sulkie racing one
    It did portray the abusers of the animals in a positive light
    So I won’t be watching this.

  3. Anomanomanom

    “Dangerous” breeds in the wrong hands are dangerous. With a good owner any dog will be a safe dog.

    1. Paolo

      There should be a breeders licence. Those without a breeders licence should not have a neutered dog or bitch. The breed of dog has no bearing on whether it is dangerous or not. Unfortunately for pitbulls and staffies, scumbags want to own them.

  4. MMN

    Hard to think of a worse Irish-made TV programme at the moment. When not peddling the misery of heroin addicts with born addicted babies it’s injured animals. Somebody in RTE2 needs a root in the bum area for this poo.

  5. Oh Dear

    I don’t really want to watch the trailer, but why is the dog’s shoulder sliced open? And why would anyone make that the video ‘cover’?

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