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“Councillor [Alan] Tobin should stick with local issues that pertain to people instead of coming out with hideous and inaccurate comments that have little basis and that are absolutely hurtful to the many species of dog such as staffies and pit-bulls; animals who are troubled animals all because of their built and look.

Mr. Tobin is sadly going to rubber stamp the already inaccurate view that these animals are dangerous animals and that families across Ireland should be aware – far from it. If anything, these animals are hugely exploited by calculated people who turn them into vicious and nasty blood-thirsty creatures.

If we are to rely on this type of inaccurate nonsense from Fine Gael going forward, then animals in Ireland should be very worried. ARAN intends on presenting Mr. Tobin with our 2016 ‘Ass-Backwards Award’ for his dumb comments in the near future.”

John Carmody, of ARAN [Animal Rights network] on Meath Fine Gael Councillor Alan Tobin’s ‘dangerous dogs’ measure.


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Staying in tonight?

Puit Bull, part of the Reality Bites strand, on RTÉ2 at 9.30pm

Anne Louise Foley writes:

The popular image of a Pit Bull and breeds of this ilk is a snarling dog straining at the leash with its tattooed owner barely controlling it. But there’s a whole group of responsible dog owners who feel restricted breeds are being wrongly demonised.
Across the documentary we meet some of the surprising owners – from the suburban couple, to a Crufts winner, to couples with young children – as these owners talk the pitfalls and responsibilities that come with owning a breed on Ireland’s restricted list.