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  1. John

    We all know you don’t need 500 points to be a guard, but surely you would want your head tested to work as a Garda in Ireland for €23k a year?

    How can you have a subsistence lifestyle anywhere on that? It’s impossible.

    Whatever about the pay, you are regularly ordered to go into life-threatening situations, aren’t issued with the proper kit you need, drive around in 10 year-old+ bangers, work in kips of buildings and expect people to take you seriously? The vermin that you are tasked with scraping off the street often have higher incomes, live in nicer, more conveniently-located dwellings and have zero chance of having to give it all up if they stopped “working”.

      1. John

        It’s a good story. Daily Mail appear to be the only ones doing proper journalism. They don’t need to fall in line with the establishment message because they aren’t utterly reliant in being “on message” for their income. To admit that Frances and Noreen might be even more incompetent than their predecessors would hand the next election to Sinn Fein.

        Instead we get article after article on femisism, gays, abortion procurers and rape victims’ “stories” and how evil the men in Rome were about 60 years ago. Little do they seem to realise that Mary Robinson and the gang have been harping on about this same poo since the early 1970s. Not much has changed. Social problems are worse than ever. These academic sociologists and social revolutionaries have a lot to answer for. Lives lost, lives destroyed, stunted people everywhere. People pumped full of anti-depressants and jumping off bridges.

        Anyway, being a Garda in Ireland. Great! After 10 years’ experience, you might stretch to a 10 year-old Ford Fiesta and a 35 year mortgage for a 1 bed in Finglas. That certainly would be depressing.

    1. Lilly

      True. They’re leaving in droves to take up decently paid jobs in Australia. This ‘sure let them imigrate’ approach to job creation is insane and getting old now.

      1. Lilly

        As personified by all those young teachers off teaching in the hellhole that is Dubai – as glorified by George Lee on Better Off Abroad Sunday night. Between that and the insidious JobBridge scheme, I can’t help wondering at this stage if it’s FG/SlaveLabour policy to ship ’em off.

      2. classter

        What does ‘droves’ mean? How many exactly have left to go down under.

        Realistically we cannot afford to pay the salaries in almost any field of life that are paid in the culturally-dead, mining outposts of Western Australia. The population of WA is about 2.6m & they are extracting millions of tonnes each of iron ore, coal, alumina, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of gold, nickel, zinc etc.

        There is not point us getting into a bidding war for all our public servants with Perth. There can only be one winner.

        If your primary purpose is to make money as a guard, you should definitely leave Ireland but you probably should have gone into something other than law enforcement anyway.

    2. classter

      Where are you getting 23k?
      The GRA’s website says 26k to start & this is before overtime.

      23k is about where many nurses, teachers, engineers, accountants, scientists etc. begin their careers.
      19k sterling is what the guards in NI start off on.

      We would be much better off if we could move past this idea that unless you have a ‘well-paying’ job you hate, a tasteless one-off house in the country & a beamer that you are a failure.

      A competent, educated guard on 23k has much more stature, respect of society & self-respect than any of the ‘vermin’ you mention.

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