Annie West writes:

This little guy appeared in the Enchanted Bit of the new BenBulben walk on Saturday morning. Checked to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating as a crowd gathered and yes he’s definitely there. Called Sligo County Council and Coillte and they don’t know anything about it. After a bit of consultation we’ve decided to call him Dave. Also I think I saw him move.


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11 thoughts on “Dave

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Howaya Dave. He could have been left there in memoriam for somebody or perhaps someone was offloading garden clutter. Either way he’ll be robbed eventually.

  2. Em-malicious

    You saw a garden ornament in the forest so you took three photos and decided to call two government agencies?

    Bit much, no?

    1. Nigel

      It’s true. These things are best left alone, untouched and unnoticed. Walk by and keep your gaze averted. if you pay attention to them, they may pay attention to you.

  3. H

    He’s quite amusing but I can’t understand why anyone couldn’t just enjoy the fact he’s there rather than phoning two agencies to enquire about him…

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