Playing The Irish Krd



From, top: the MyKrd runner-up designs, Tom Bourke’s defiant, tri-coloured winning design and Tom with oversized cheque for ten big ones yesterday

Rory Gleeson writes:

I’m over in Toronto with half the country and thought you might like an emigrant success story. My girlfriend works for an App start-up called MyKrd that launched a global logo design contest. I posted the contest on a Facebook group for Irish in Toronto, and it was won yesterday by Irishman Tom Bourke (I believe he also designed a Le Cool Dublin cover back in the day). Anyway, yesterday he was handed a giant cheque for 10,000 Canuckian Dollars. It’s tough getting going abroad by it can be done!

Fair ply, in frness.

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15 thoughts on “Playing The Irish Krd

  1. Nibbers

    Does anyone else remember when phrases used to have spaces and vowels, sensible capitalisation and spelling? Sorry – DsAnynYltsRmmbrWnFrzzYstTüHvSpcsNdVls:SnsblCptlztnNdSplng?

    1. Arcol

      Think a factor in the wacky spelling of new company names might be down to them trying to get a web domain that hasn’t been taken already, possibly.

  2. Supercrazyprices

    I prefer when companies brief design agencies rather than crowd surf to get work done. Even for a prize which isn’t nearly as much as it costs to produce a properly branded suite of assets.

    A logo on it’s own is useless. You need all the collateral that it goes onto. You need a full brand guidelines suite too and that’s where the money is spent.

  3. ahjayzis

    “I’m over in Toronto with half the country and thought you might like an emigrant success story. ”

    Christ, you’ve been gone a long time, so! :op

  4. All the good ones fly south for winter

    It’s a great success story. I may be mixing emigrants up with leather back turtles but 98% of the new ones are killed upon landing/hatching. Well done Rory, enjoy the open waters.

  5. Alan

    Great story! I remember been told as a kid before a match that everyone has talent but its only the guys that realise that talent that counts. Did not get it back then but it makes sense now. Great to get a good news story on a day that feels like a Monday.

  6. Murtles

    Good luck getting to the bank with that in your back pocket Tom. Those crazy Canadians and their oversized cheques.

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