32 thoughts on “The Cure

  1. ahyeah

    This whole thing is a bit like the Irish/Canadian ‘journalist’ we used to be subjected to…trolling by BS.

  2. Freddie

    Urge to kill…rising. I try my best to ignore him, hoping he’ll go away, but for some reason Broadsheet keep encouraging him.

    1. Caroline

      Look at his lil face though. Look closely.

      Is that even his real face?

      If you said to me “No Caroline, due to a tragic accident in childhood he has worn the skin off a 3-day old corpse stretched tautly over his face every day, please mention it, he loves talking about it” then I would certainly believe that.

  3. fmong

    I saw him walking down Henry St. the other day with a girl, in full leather jacket and Russell Brand reject hair cut

    I’ve never been so tempted to shout “f*ck off you stupid c*nt” at someone in my life, what a hilarious “prank” that would have been..

  4. On The Buses

    I thought we did the recession to get all the lads of his ilk to go to Austrailia? They’re not coming back are they?

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