19 thoughts on “Trollied

    1. Lolpops

      I’m missing it too I hope. Otherwise this story is about the trolleys being on the opposite side to their pictures which would mean broadsheet have reached a new low.

      1. parky mark

        Nah. Just the usual low on posts like this. It’s the people who send them in that I worry about.

  1. Joni2015

    I thought the Tesco post was a new low but 12 hours later this shows up.

    I know lots of previously daily readers here that never bother looking due to the drop in standard.

        1. Joni2015

          Nah, he’s one of the more interesting contributors. It’s not about the comments though, admin posts need to be good.

  2. Bingo

    The ‘yerra, fupp it” mentality of the Irish summed up in one picture.
    Just cos one person isn’t arsed, the rest will gleefully roll in behind the initial idiot.
    Classic Paddy.

    1. ahjayzis

      It makes no difference though, the aisles are identical in width so it doesn’t really matter?

      I’m all for rules, they control the fun, but I’m all for rule-breaking stupid rules. Plus this isn’t even a rule, it’s two pictures of the two different trollies, showing both can go in this bay – not instructions as to which bay which goes into.

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