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IKEA, Firhouse, Dublin

This morning/afternoon.

State aid.


Via RTÉ:

IKEA said it received aid from Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain and the United States but did disclose the sums.

Several of the countries have already been reimbursed, Ingka said, without specifying which ones nor the sums involved.

In a statement, Mr Oncu said IKEA had accepted the money “at the height of the pandemic to secure livelihoods and employments”.



IKEA to return state aid received during Covid crisis (RTÉ)


An artist’s impression of the new IKEA store at Vienna’s Westbahnhof station, where construction has just begun 

Set for completion in early 2021, (though there’ll probably be a bunch of screws and a weird plastic thing left over), the store, with its green facade of 160 integrated trees and roof terrace, has no car parking spaces – a nod to Vienna’s first rate public transport system.

IKEA promises 24 hour delivery for any items that can’t be carried out by hand.