I’m With Cupid



It‘s coming.

Lock up your single people.

Anne Louise Foley writes:

RTÉ2 is delighted to announce the arrival of the heart-warming dating show First Dates to RTÉ television.

Due to air on RTÉ2 in the new year The First Dates restaurant will be filmed in a secret location which will be announced closer to broadcast, where every moment is captured by tiny cameras in the first fixed rig show of its kind to be made in Ireland.

To apply, click here…


33 thoughts on “I’m With Cupid

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Don’t like the sound of tiny cameras OR secret location. Sounds like an involuntary medical procedure.

  2. Sido

    Sounds like all the excitement and good taste that was such a cornerstone of Cilla’s (RIP) “Blind Date”, only on a reduced budget.
    I can’t wait

    1. Prop Joe

      Not if they are taking any cues from the C4 version they won’t.
      And if they are I would imagine it would be because of the people applying.

  3. kerryview

    If it’s half has good as the channel 4 series, it will still be good. Does anyone on BS know that it is already a huge success? Just like gogglebox.

    Of course I may not be in touch with the current existential zeigeist.

  4. Owen C

    Assume this gets ruined by whatever restaurant is chosen deciding to double the prices on their menu

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I believe they’re expecting your application, Clampers and have a lovely young lady by the name of Fidelma Ward from Rathkeale. (I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist)

  5. Frilly Keane

    Mount Anville Mickeala 24,
    Who has returned to Ireland from an exiting job iworking for an executive in Tokyo
    is here to meet
    Mattie Tom
    24, from Thurles,
    who has just lost his milk quota,
    So is looking for love
    And a future Ban an Tí slash constituency secretary

    This is Mattie Tom’s third time in the restaurant
    His first date turned out to be a relative of Jackie Tyrell
    The second young lady was a vegan
    From the Burren
    Who liked to make her own candles

    So does Mount Anville ‘wan have the kinda ankles Mattie Tom is looking for
    Or will she just drop from too much OMG and spud exposure
    Or might she be assured of his ploughing champion shoulders

    And climb inta the Isuzu
    For a bitta’ve an oul’court afterwards

    Seriously. What could go wrong?
    Besides the stereotyping expectation levels
    Or some RTE gobsh1te intervention

    Oh Christ
    Please don’t let anyone I know on….

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