The Sum Of Their Parts



From top: ZompireWolf and pal; creators Derek Dillon (left) and Ralph Hosford of DurtBird Games.



Can it possibly fail?

Ralph Hosford writes:

We are two Irish guys who have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a monstrous game called ZompireWolf. You may have come across this character on the Huffington Post or seen the Rubberbandits talking about it on Facebook! ZompireWolf is part Zombie, part Vampire and part Werewolf… and all trouble! We hope we have created on of the most unique characters ever but may be slightly biased!

ZompireWolf (Kickstarter)

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2 thoughts on “The Sum Of Their Parts

    1. Mikeyfex

      Match day Derek, t’is n’ all.

      Didn’t find it too bad, it was short enough and while the editors had their work cut out they didn’t make that bad a job of it. Only saw it once though.

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