This lunchtime.

On a lonely bench in Herbert Park [Ballsbridge, Dublin 4]

Brand Ireland writes:

This is the ‘supersonic’ Irish artisan food 20 quid buys you at the Web Summit, disappointing.


Brand Ireland

36 thoughts on “HOW Much?

    1. mike

      Why don’t you just leave it back at the web summit? that’s where you found it.
      er… I mean… Why did you leave the hotdog unlocked on the streets of Dublin anyways???
      no… wait… who cares if it looks like Ireland…
      aw, forget it

  1. weeeelllllllll

    if only there were other options for buying food within a 10 minute walk of Ballsbridge

    maybe one day this city will open somewhere to get a sandwich and a coffee

    1. Colin

      Governments fault for not supplying tea and sandwiches

      *Cue 40 Page letter of Culinary Correspondence to Taoiseach’s office*

      1. RF

        i’m so tired of having to wait for the web summit to be on to be able to purchase food and not have to cook it myself

  2. B

    They sell you the tickets over at simmonscourt and tell you it’s a five minute walk to Herbert park 40 stalls with lunch options.

    Most bare faced rip off I’ve seen

    1. rotide

      It takes you more than 5 mins to walk to herbert park from the RDS?

      You should probably excercise a little bit more there pal

      1. Stewart Curry

        €20 is a lot for a burger and a bottle of water.
        It is only 5 minutes walk from Simmonscourt to Herbert park.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’d wager you could get a good bacalhau in Lisbon for under a tenner. And be able to tweet it in real time.

    1. herya

      It’s true – they sell lunch & drink tokens for €20, apparently this is what a token gets you.

      Now how can this be spun to be the Irish government’s fault?

    1. Martin

      €20 for a food token for a “main and drink” at the official FoodSummit thing around the corner.

      not really sure why anyone is surprised though, the WebSummit is a complete price-gouge from start to finish. Paddy C will probably try to spin this like he has no control over it either….

  4. Anomanomanom

    Where’s the proof of this. Looking at what you got and giving huge mark ups it would be around €14-€15 hot dog and €6-€5 water. LIES

    1. b

      if i wasn’t just back from there myself i wouldn’t believe – it’s 20 euro for that alright – what’s makes i more galling its the independent are giving away free sandwiches outside the horse show house which are better

      1. Anomanomanom

        Jesus that is highway robbery. Especially as some said it’s tokens, so you don’t know till buy it and hand it in.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Ah pat come on now, everyone’s knows you never so no thanks. You buy it and then bitch like mad.

  5. Otis Blue

    “Irish Artisan Food” is a much traduced term. It’s a fig leaf for myth making and invented heritage, all for sale at rip off prices.

  6. phil

    Is it at all possible that some of ye could not identify with the organizers?

    I know If I was a clever clogs and wanted to set up a summit , I would be slightly annoyed by businesses that would be thankful for the extra business started gouging my clients …

  7. Stephen

    Regardless of availability close by, it’s a d1ck move to offer that for €20 and more bad PR for WS

    1. dhaughton99

      It’s a poor Irish attempt at a hotdog. The kind you’d get at a market selling robbed tools and dodgy DVDs. Stop saying Artisan.

  8. Gers

    Excellent, you deserve it Brand Ireland, going to the most overrated event of the year. You’ll see, nothing comes of it either!

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