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Ain’t no party, like a fintech party.

Dynamic, creative and ambitious nerds starter-uppers take note.

Mark O’Toole writes:

Irish currency exchange startup CurrencyFair (of Sebastian Chabal fame) have just released this video offering advice to Irish start-ups and why tech companies should be positive about the Dublin scene.

It’s not all just about favourable tax breaks and early exit strategies you know.



Currency Fair

Roisin Kiberd writes:

This is a 101 guide for investors, entrepreneurs and anyone intrigued or confused by the Irish startup industry. It was commissioned by Frontline Ventures, which is a new early-stage Irish VC [Venture Capital] firm. Rather than create the usual infographic, ebook or blog post, they wanted to do something different…


Illustrations by Fuchsia Macaree.

The Irish Tech Startup Guide