An American In Galway




“My name is Stephanie and I am an American living in Ireland and I need to raise €20,000 to have reconstructive surgery on my face and implants after two men kicked my face during an unprovoked assault in Galway City.”

Stephanie’s Reconstructive Surgery (GoFundMe)

SB writes:

I came across this, via a friend who knows the victim: I think it’s awful that this person needs to pay for treatment themselves; but they do, so we should help if we can.

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29 thoughts on “An American In Galway

    1. Joni2015

      Don’t type if you don’t know.

      Stephenie please Google scheme of compensation for personal injuries criminally afflicted.

    1. St. John Smythe

      what kind of animals kick ANYONE in the face. doesn’t matter if man, woman or dissenter

    1. AlisonT

      Nice bit of racism right there – This attack is terrible but attacking the whole Irish ethnic group is ignorant. I think you will find that violence is common across most societies.

    1. Stephanie Dick

      I am Stephanie Dick, replying to you personally. Please call me, meet me and I will be happy to meet you and show you my new face and broken teeth. It will be my pleasure to prove to you that I am not a scam. My Mor Tours business number is 0894693159. Thank you.

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