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“The web summit one of the largest and most important technology and entrepreneurial events in the world has decided to change its home for the first time.Portugal has been selected to host its 2016 edition...good choice

Ah here.

A fresh promo by the Portugal Tourist Board extolling Lisbon, the Web Summit’s new home.


Visit Portugal (Facebook)



This morning.

Web Summit co-founder Paddy Cosgrave (left) with Portugal’s deputy prime minister Paulo Portas celebrating the switch to Lisbon at the RDS, Ballsbrudge , Dublin 4.

(Sam Boal/



Eyes down.

Roisin Keown writes:

Last afternoon of Web Summit. Reaching peak tech, we came up with a little lo-fi fun to keep us entertained. Web Summit Bingo. Download your cards here. Enjoy.

39 thoughts on “Choosing Lisbon

  1. Medium Sized C

    Holy crap what a pile of nonsense that is.
    1.14 of a guy talking and he doesn’t say anything that means anything until 0.53.
    From 1.06 its drone shots, surfers and crap music.

    13 seconds of actual content.

    46% of that video is verbal scutter.

      1. DubLoony

        Was at it yesterday. Got talking to one person who did know what their product does. I was better able to explain it to another inquiring punter.
        If they all go off to Lisbon, can the real techies get together please.

  2. lazynotes

    like… does Mr Cogrove think hes god or something?? He is an event planner FFS!! Get off the stage and play a different tune ya konb!!

    1. Medium Sized C

      In fairness to him, he thinks that he is the organiser of a big conference which is doing well.
      I’m not sure where you got any self-deification out of that.
      He behaves like a bit of a self-entitled knob but lets not get carried away.

    2. B Bop

      Well he’s a sartorial disgrace in those jumpers.
      Lazy lounging, cosy, low wifi wear…not top summit presenting, megalomaniac, hip to the groove threads.

      1. Lilly

        Ugh those hairy jumpers… could he not even stretch to an ole hoodie or is this his idea of rebelliousness.

  3. bazler

    Deputy PM? Did they invite the Portuguese PM late too?

    Was at Web Summit yesterday. 90% of the Startups are “Get rich quick schemes”. Unfortunately as most people know 99% of these don’t work*

    *All percentages have been calculated by my WebScam Algorithm.

  4. Daveq

    The web summit is just the ploughing championship for nerds. Only a lot more expensive and less than half the size.

  5. Chris

    I’ve spent a lot of time in Lisbon, it’s great but it is not the hot spot they are making it out to be. It does not have the same ‘buzz’ around the tech industry or links to the US. Portugal can be quite insular, it has a Portuguese speaking trading block with Brazil across the water, and a bunch of nice islands in-between as such they keep to themselves a lot. Also talk about traffic, the city of Lisbon is gridlocked on a daily basis. Furthermore, they have the real colonial style ‘old money’ in Lisbon, their old boys network would make even the most sleveen of the Irish brown envelope brigade blush and are just as ready to stymie you and cream their bit off at every turn. Although bigger Lisbon, like Dublin, is a nice city firmly rooted in the old, not some kind of modern utopia.

  6. B Bop

    Ooooh indeed to this Chris.
    And also inclusion of a lot of begging cripples, pick pockets, sherry & mediocre wine.

  7. Bobby

    I’m so confused about all this stuff, I really tried to keep informed, watched the interviews, read the stories, saw the emails, even watching that absolute train wreak of an interview with RTE, but it’s all still lost on me.

    Could some ledgehammer who knows the ins and outs explain to me in a clear, short and concise way, what happened? Who’s actually to ‘blame’? Was the government being as useless as it seems? It’s a fantastic and monumental mishandling beyond comprehension if that’s the case. Were the web summit lads being saps? Is Lisbon just cheaper and the web summit lads were making a fuss as an excuse to go there? Were other governments actively poaching them? Is it all this stuff combined?

    How is it possible that something this big could just fall apart like that? What happened goddammit, I want to know. Anyone have yer man Paddy’s number?

    1. Streetwise Hercules

      Answers to your questions in order

      1.OK, 2. All parties involved 3. Probably. 4 Probably. 5. Probably. 6. Probably.etc

      088 [redacted}

    2. Chris

      Ok Bobby, in words you can understand the Web Summit was all like ‘seriously dude!?’ and the Government was all like ‘yea I know bro, but what evs already’. So then the Web Summit was like ‘but, dude seriously come on bro!’ and the government was all like ‘sooo not my problem bro’. So the Web Summit was all like ‘I hate you and I hate everybody here, screw all you guys, I’m leaving’. Then we were all like ‘SERIOUSLY??DUDE!!!’

    3. Birneybau2

      Basically a bunch of ledgehammers were told “We ain’t paying for your bants when it’s up to you to organise a class exhib for a bunch of brosephs on the make”

  8. Mr. T.

    It’s demeaning to have your ministers cowtowing to business like this, like errand boys at their beck and call. Government officials should run their country without appearing at every jumped little self obsessed industry expo or business launch. It’s tacky.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      But isn’t that part of the remit of any Minister for Industry / Enterprise / Employment?

      Oh, and what politicos do best….cowtowing….?

  9. 15 cents

    can anyone fill me in on how i should feel about all this. i havent read enough about it .. is it that the web summit lads are mad greedy and wanted more, then threw their toys out of the pram? or is it that our government handled it all terribly .. or both?

  10. 15 cents

    additionally, id like to point out, that i work for an events company, and we did a big gig in lisbon last year and it was a nightmare logistically, from a set-up point of view .. the suppliers over there are extremely hard to work with, regularly dont deliver on promises, and when they do deliver, they do a shoddy job. we ended up using some irish suppliers and incurring the costs of travel because the companies in lisbon were so rubbish. this was all with the help of a large lisbon based agency.

    so if the web summit lads think theyll breeze in over there and put together the event as they do here, they’re in for a shock. its an absolute nightmare. theyll be relocating in no time. just wait n see, itll be fallin down around them over there.

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