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Paddy Cosgrave

Adrian Weckler, on Independent.ie, reports:

Paddy Cosgrave’s Web Summit is to move MoneyConf, the 5,000-strong financial technology conference scheduled for Dublin this June, to Lisbon.

Instead of a standalone event this June, it will now be part of the Web Summit this November, said Mr Cosgrave.

It is understood that the decision was taken in recent weeks. Companies that had made plans around the two-day June conference in the RDS in June will now be “accommodated” through refunds and possibly travel and accommodation compensation.

Paddy Cosgrave’s Web Summit to move 5,000-strong MoneyConf out of Dublin (Adrian Wreckler, Independent.ie)

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Charlie Taylor, in The Irish Times, writes:

For anyone hoping the organisers of the Web Summit might fail dismally in Lisbon and end up back in Dublin with their tails between their legs, think again.

The Web Summit is bigger than ever and the talk from attendees there this week was how well everything worked. Now in its second year in the Portuguese capital, the event has bedded down and has become what its organisers always really wanted it to be: an international conference.

In doing so, the Web Summit has certainly given up trying to retain an Irish identity. There may still be plenty of attendees and speakers from back home, and many of the crew involved in putting on the event are also from Ireland, but it has moved on.

…Overall, the Web Summit is a shiny, happy place and, while concerns over where tech might be leading us were being expressed, they were largely outweighed by one dreamer or another trying to sell you their latest “life-changing” solution.


Web Summit moves on from Dublin roots as it matures in Lisbon (Charlie Taylor, The Irish Times)

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Ah here.

The first day of the Web Summit from broadband-friendly Lisbon, Portugal.


Web Summit Lisbon

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Ah Paddy.


“The web summit one of the largest and most important technology and entrepreneurial events in the world has decided to change its home for the first time.Portugal has been selected to host its 2016 edition...good choice

Ah here.

A fresh promo by the Portugal Tourist Board extolling Lisbon, the Web Summit’s new home.


Visit Portugal (Facebook)



This morning.

Web Summit co-founder Paddy Cosgrave (left) with Portugal’s deputy prime minister Paulo Portas celebrating the switch to Lisbon at the RDS, Ballsbrudge , Dublin 4.

(Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie)



Eyes down.

Roisin Keown writes:

Last afternoon of Web Summit. Reaching peak tech, we came up with a little lo-fi fun to keep us entertained. Web Summit Bingo. Download your cards here. Enjoy.