Are You The Farmer?




Galway Faces writes:

Bord Bia CEO [Aidan Cotter] chatted with George Lee on RTÉ lunchtime news but what’s going on behind him? Anyone?

Virtual agriculture?

Or McDonald’s floor staff member gone postal?

We may never know.

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18 thoughts on “Are You The Farmer?

  1. Peter Danner

    Not since Murphy’s Micro Quiz-M has the rural community seen such technical advancement

    > Load BACHELOR2000 protocol
    –> Protocol Initiated. Successfully Loaded
    > Initiate loneliness resolution sequence.
    –>Initiating code Delta4…marital status resolved. Sister married
    > Return to cute whore system. …EU Subsidy funds imported successfully

    Yup, I’ll be popular at the plow festival this year for sure

    1. Peter Danner

      By the way, for those of you not familiar with how technically advance Ireland was 80s, here

      Particular awesomeness was

      -28:18 Mike Murphy narrates a video game, the sheer possibilities of how that would have gone if Grand Theft Auto was available back then
      -29.21 When Mike basically fupps the first kid in the head by telling his opponent that if you grab the hammer in ‘Killer Gorilla’ it’s a piece of piss

  2. Truth in the News

    The sheer spin of it all, the first thing needed is to shut down Bord Bia
    What is revelance of Irish Agricultures carbon foot print when compared
    on world basis…we amount to almost nil.
    What did Bord Bia do about the Horse Meat epidsode, what about the imports
    GM products

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