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  1. arghonaut

    Right so, that does it. Not coming back to the site until you stop posting this idiot. I don’t even care if it’s ironic. He doesn’t seem to get that and you’re clearly encouraging him and the fake accounts he uses to praise himself. Put him out of his misery BS, you’re being cruel at this stage.

  2. Rose

    Oh my! Oh My! Haha! George Takei is a hero and fights so many good causes. Wonder if his new show will come to Ireland….Fingers Crossed! X

  3. Caroline

    Hey guys. Currently crowdfunding for my new web series, also based around a great country saying we all know and love. Here’s a sample script. Obviously there will be changes but the core concept would be the same.


    Webisode 1.


    -Leather Jacket Guy (wearing a fairly tidy leather jacket let’s be honest)
    Howz she cutten ha. I’m here at a massive well dedicated to St Patrick somewhere in the bogs, and I’m going to create the ultimate tribute to our patron saint-

    [He is immediately and forcefully pushed down the well by an unidentified heroine wearing a bin-juice coloured Debenhams ‘Casual Collection’ pleather jacket that is actually creased.

    Screaming subsides]

    -Unidentified Heroine
    Would ya be WELL?!
    (muffled screaming)
    Sure… (pauses, doubled over in mirth) HOW could ya be well? Lying in a heap with every bone in your body broken!!! (turns to camera, gurns, thumbs up)


    It’s pretty much the same thing every week, with the same guy.

          1. rory

            Yunno I am struck by the last line of your comment there and I’m not sure why. Is it wrong or sexist of me to feel uncomfortable with the term ‘shrivelled fanny’?

            After thinking about it I wonder if such a description of a fanny is a conflicted one for a woman.
            By this I mean, I take it ‘shrivelled’ is meant as a negative term. But is it feminist to describe your fanny in negative terms? Would a feminist not be coining their fanny in a more proud manner, to yunno, encourage a positive body image; to fight notions that women have to look a certain way or whatever. In this case I think the word ‘shrivelled’ is indicative of a kind of fanny self-loathing.

            But then again, yunno, this negative description is coupled with the matter of factness of it, which has a rather proud quality. It has a bluntness that comes across as a feminist inclination (a ‘i’m not going to hide the negative aspects of my lady garden, because to be describing it as an all day lovely fanny would quietly reinforce patriarchal notions that lady parts must remain appealing at all times’ or whatever.)
            If this is true, it makes ‘shrivelled fanny’ quite a conflicted term no?

            P.S. Please read in a shlurpy Zizek voice. Picture me rubbing my nose constantly.

          2. Caroline

            Mad isn’t it. Just wrote away there from my own point of view without so much as considering how it would sound to a man!

            If this continues, the female perspective will end up being internalised by people who are not even female themselves Joe.

            I encourage all men to relax, put one knee up on the toilet if it helps, aim for the small of your back and just internalise that female perspective. (But don’t take it out too soon.)

          3. Deluded

            Hi rory, I too was struck by Caroline’s comment: I grimaced, exposing my teeth and expelled air by rapidly contracting my thoracic diaphragm
            but I have a pee-pee.
            Now I understand that I have broken the BroCode but rather than immediate castration and redundancy by howling Amazons I have found instead that I have twice as many funny, interesting people in my life.
            Now one of the clichés is that feminists are humourless and I can understand that some feminist writing may be angry and reactionary, after all, women were without agency or recourse to equal justice and were subject to obsession, possession and the mechanics of succession. By the same token I have found much in tradition and literature that exalts and fetishises pee-pees and that it is a matter of sensitivity for some men. (Hence penis envy and RonJeremyitis).
            In conclusion, I don’t think that LadyJokes™ undermine the sterling work of philosophers-without-pee-pees and your reaction was to an unfamiliar subject matter.

  4. Art Vandelay

    He really is quite funny though! Like, you see the way he keeps saying “Are ya recording?”? Even though he knows that we know that he is actually just sitting on his own in a bedsit in Rathmines recording himself! Man, this guy kills!!

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Lads, he may not be your cup of tay (certainly not mine) but if the 1-4k likes he’s getting per video is spurring him on to make more sure let him at it. He may be out of work and looking to break into TV or land some advertising. The interwebs is big enough for everyone and every brand of lols.

  6. Always Wright

    I lasted as far as the second ‘do you know what I mean, do you know what I mean like?” then I gave up.

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