7 thoughts on “Spec, You Say?

  1. isallimsaying

    What’s the issue here? I give the govt my taxes and USC and rates and water charges and VAT and parking tickets/speeding fines etc and then they promise to use all this money to look after my country, help the needy, care for the sick, the old and infirm, educate the ignorant and NOT to squander it on quangos, consultants, obsolete voting machines, IBRC, Bond holders and REDACTED not to mention Ivor Callely. And they wouldn’t do that, would they?

  2. Nialler

    I’ll think you’ll find it’s referring to the creative and advertising industries being expected to pitch for free as in taking 100s of hours in a creative solution for a campaign or branding idea for big industry in which they may not win and subsequently not be paid for those 100s of hours which are all chargeable. But also what the video is saying that what you present to the client is owned by the client so they can take your idea and select the lowest cost agency and let them bring it forward. Although I’m not sure that happens over here.

    1. Chris

      Advertising agencies, what a bunch of crybabies. No one will pay me enough to draw vacuous commercially driven graphics that people don’t want to see! Waaaah!

      1. george

        You obviously didn’t watch the video. The complaint is that many companies think it is ok to ask several designers to do a job and then decide to only pay one of them. That means that most of the designers involved end up doing a lot of work for the client and not getting any money. The video shows how ridiculous this is and is encouraging others to boycott this process.

  3. Emmett

    For recent and similar examples – See Web Summit.
    “Good news. We have room in our packed digital interaction space for you to come and work for us for free !!””

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