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Grafton Street, Dublin 2 yesterday

This morning.


A survey of over 1,300 businesses across the country has found that 85% have either scaled back or closed completely as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions.

The research, carried out earlier this week by Chambers Ireland, also found that half of firms expect an immediate loss of revenue in excess of 60%, with smaller businesses affected most.

More than half of the companies that responded to the survey said they have now either reduced their activity or shut their front of house operations with staff now working from home.

One in three have closed their doors completely, with just 15% now fully open.

85% of businesses have scaled back or closed due to Covid-19 (RTÉ)


The great JK Simmons stars in a rather superb Funny Or Die sketch wherein long haired businessmen exchange typically inane small talk prior to getting down to brass tacks, rolling out the dog and pony show and generally keeping it linear.

Co-starring writers/directors/actors Ben Wietmarschen, George Kareman and Pat O’Brien.