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“This is extremely disappointing news for RTÉ. We have a long and proud tradition of showcasing the 6 Nations and putting our heart and soul into our coverage.

We want to assure the Irish public that every possible effort was made by RTÉ to retain these rights. As a public service broadcaster, RTÉ’s ambition has always been, and continues to be, to deliver the best possible viewer experience and to share moments of major national importance.

We put forward the best possible bid within our means, while always mindful of the significant responsibilities attached to spending public funds.”

Ryle Nugent, Group Head of Sport, RTÉ

*kicks telly*

TV3 wins Six Nations Championship rights from 2018 (TV3)

67 thoughts on “Now With Even More Ads

      1. classter

        17% of the licence fee goes to organisations other than RTE (TG4, BAI,..)
        6% goes to the RTE performing groups (RTE symphony orchestra, etc.) are basically another cost which has been imposed on RTE.
        17% goes to three RTE radio stations
        61% goes to two RTE TV stations

        Not funded by the licence fee but arguably indirectly supported by it is the following: RTE 2fm,, RTE Aertel.

    1. classter

      It really wasn’t. The whole thing just feels flat.

      It wasn’t much worse than ITV but that’s not saying much.

    2. Stephanenny

      No, it wasn’t. They came into more than one match more than a minute late so they could show more ads. That’s utterly unacceptable. After the SA v JAP match a commentator said it was one of the most historic moments in international football. No-one said anything.

      The commentary was poor, the pundits were wooden and the ads were horrendous. RTE do a much, much better job every year with the six nations and I say that as someone who hates almost everything RTE do.

      1. FreshFish

        I find Rte’s rugby format very staid – I didn’t really see what you liked about it unless you’re one of these people who thinks Hookie is a gas laugh?

  1. Joan Burton

    What difference does this make ?
    Watched it on the BBC anyway, BOD & Woody far superior to Hook & Pope !!

    1. classter

      Some of their others are pretty annoying – Guscott, Healey & the like.

      It also shares that common UK tv thing of being overly reactive and trying to have light-hearted banter.

      But yea BBC production of such things are much better than ITV or TV3.
      Still prefer RTE myself.

  2. John

    What I want to see from TV3:
    1. When a ref goes to TMO – we at home have already seen the action, we don’t need to be bored as they cycle through different angles – why not give us an ad break?
    2. We know the National Anthems, skip em and give us more advertisements. I never tire of seeing what consumer choices are open to me.
    3. We saw the match, why give us some nobodies opinion on it, I want Gillette or Adidas to give a sponsored 15 minute programme on their vision for what we should think of the game and how we can aspire to become part of it by buying selected products or services.

    1. Blonto

      Just get Matt to stop saying “sahurday”.
      Grand TV coverage except for the analysis, commentary and ads. Nice colourdy picures on de screen.

    1. Twunt

      The BBC’s Jonathan Davis is possible the most overrated rugby pundit on TV. He views everything thru Wales tinted glasses. But it is his coverage of Pro12 matches is where he can really let lose, he manages to be patronising to teams beating welsh teams and condescending to others – this can all happened in the same match.

      1. Rugbyfan

        Agree on Jonathan Davies but Brian Moore is a joy to behold!

        Will TV3 get some of the licence fee now that RTE can’t seem to use it properly?

          1. dan

            They are clearly in a bidding war and they are losing every important battle; Old heineken cup, Irish soccer friendlies, Pro 12, English premiership soccer highlights and they are losing their vice-like grip on the GAA.

            “as long as we can see Ryan tubridy interviewing Ray Darcy and Ray Darcy interviewing Ryan tubridy, the license is well worth it”

    2. Rich

      Disagree. Davis is very knowledgeable on both League and Union. Shows a great understanding of tactics and regularly spots what is being set up on the field and can see a gap or overlap at 1,000 m.

  3. Charger Salmons

    I watch TV3 for the excellent commentary by Stuart Barnes.
    And I would watch any rugby game on TV featuring analysis by Brian Moore – he has a wonderful way of winding up de Paddies like.

  4. Soft like

    Delighted for Ryle he really is a great man for sport at RTE. If the sport is losing rights to international and national sporting events. Good job here’s that bonus for saving money.

      1. Blonto

        Not really. RTE cut their bid for the Rabo cos they knew TV3 weren’t going for it. They forgot all about TG4. Spanners.

        (This might not have happened, but something like it did. Change the event/tv channels.)

    1. dan

      Think they’ll go for a Southern Hemisphere coach. Mallinder will be in the running if they go with an English coach

    1. Drogg

      You do realise Tv3 Constantly out does RTE in viewing figures; Right? Id be more worried about RTE not being around in 2018 then TV3.

  5. Junkface

    TV is a dying medium. Online broadcasting will be everything in the next 5 to 10 years. I’m not sure what the TV licence pays for at all anymore. Deadweight at RTE it seems

    1. Drogg

      And who is going to make all this content for online? and who is going to pay for making it? Just cause its online doesn’t mean its free.

    1. Ha

      It takes a lot of money to keep such an immense amount of people employed for life on a large campus in Dublin 4. Hardly any left over for actual programmes. Seriously.

      1. classter

        Actual programmes require people to procure, commission, produce, broadcast, etc.

        And actually RTE has outsourced a huge proportion of programme production – partly, I suspect because the contractiors that do it don’t get jobs for life or pensions. They have lost over 20% of their staff over the last 7 years,

        This is a move which the BBC is contemplating now but which is attracting controversy for being too right-wing, for losing institutional memory, for being sh!t on the employees etc.

        1. Drogg

          Yes they have cut back on staff but there is about 40 people out of a staff of 2000 who actually make programmes and everything is farmed out to the private sector where budgets are constantly cut and programme makers are expected to work way below rate. RTE should cut the RTE guide which has constantly lost money they should drop Aertel, 2XM, half the legal staff and no one should be payed over €150,000 a year.

  6. ahjayzis

    Doesn’t this free up MILLLLLLLLIONS for actual RTE programming now?

    Oh good god, TV3, what have you done?!

  7. Jimmy IN & Out

    Oh joy, oh rapture… No more McGurk… as big a w@nker as there is, on and off the field, so to speak.
    And what’s the point in little “Ryle” keeping his job as head of flooding our screens with rugby if he’s making such a hames of it?

  8. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I was just thinking, doesn’t the level of interest in this thread only serve to increase the price of the TV rights?
    -Kinda like getting knocked about in a scrum at YOUR expense, for the entertainment of fat old men?

    Now where did I last see something like that?

  9. Black & White

    I stopped watching rugby on RTE wherever possible a while ago, just couldn’t take Horgan and Nugent any more. Pope, O’Gara and O’Shea are very good but as soon as they started talking the moronic Horgan would should them down. No great loss as far as I am concerned.

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