The Boss Of Me



Last night.

The Gallery of Photography, Temple Bar, Dublin

Former Fianna Fail government minister Conor Lenihan with his just published  biography of Charles Haughey, Haughey: Prince Of Power viewed the Charles Haughey Exhibition “Power Politics and Public Image“, by photographer Eamonn Farrell, before the book’s launch by Fianna Fail, leader Micheal Martin in the National Library.

Spoiler alert: The ‘Prince’ pinches his da’s liver money.

Good times.

Extracts from new Lenihan book: ‘Venal’ Haughey cashed in on the country’s economic success (Irish Independent)

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25 thoughts on “The Boss Of Me

  1. Halfahead

    “One casual claim, made by my father, was to come back to haunt him during his own presidential campaign and cost him the Presidency”

    Good to have that all cleared up

  2. ollie

    So, Haughey was a thief and Brian Lenihan Snr was a liar. Both were living the high life while the citizens of Ireland were either struggling to live or emigrating in droves.
    It seems that his ill health is responsible for his lie/forgetfulness, deja vous Rodney, deja vous.

  3. jon

    Strictly speaking, Haughey didn’t steal the Lenihan liver money. More cash was raised for the transplant than was needed, Haughey paid the bill and then pocketed the excess.

    Still an appalling man though.

    1. :-Joe

      Apparently I can’t have as much fun with my feelings…..

      He’s a first class prize [CENSORED] from a dynasty of [CENSORED].


  4. :-Joe

    So what’s going on, is it Halloween again for a second time this year..?

    I can’t see the blood stained fangs, though it might be because it’s too bright… natural sunlight etc., anyone?


  5. Perricrisptayto

    “One casual claim, made by my father, was to come back to haunt him during his own presidential campaign and cost him the Presidency”
    In other words, a lie
    Do they come any dafter than this clown?

  6. Frilly Keane

    The should be the title of the book

    The Boss of Me

    Yeah yeah
    Whatever yere having yerselves

  7. Toni The Exotic Dancer

    Very little has changed since he popped his clogs. So we shall all just vote for the same shower of corrupt incompetents again & again….

    1. 15 cents

      yea pretty much .. it had been Fianna Fail for so long, that we thought Enda’s promises of change could be the start of a new era. but once he got into power, he just followed the template left by the crowd before him. the social democrats are the only party who seem to actually want to work FOR the country. the rest are just tryna get cozy gigs on the gravy train.

  8. Truth in the News

    Its time we revisited the Arms Trial and what led up to it and especially the
    actions of Peter Berry and the response of Jack Lynch,….Liam Cosgrave
    is still alive, he needs to be formally questioned too, there are quite a few
    files still around with both the Gardai and Army Intelligience….did we have
    what may be termed a very “Irish Coup”…..why did not any of Lenihans not
    put pen to paper years ago…..?

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