43 thoughts on “Dummy Mummy

    1. joj

      Bought in 06 brand new, to go with the new house. plan was to upgrade every 2 years. by 08 it was too late, car deprecated to 10% of its purchase price, no demand for big engine cars now.
      House worth half. Husbands consultancy business bust. Had to take a 9 to 5ver just to keep the house, kids pulled out of private school.

      1. Dolye Ware

        cyclists??????……….are you mad………this is BS you are on….we dont care for cyclists…..

    1. sqoid

      double parked on a bend in an atreial road and blocking the lights for a pedestrian crossing.
      Thundering knut

    1. Wayne.F

      Doyle war, actually not enough space to pass of traffic approaching on the other lane people could only pass her when the lights were red for once get traffic it’s a busy road!

      I have loads of time today and nothing to do, but bugger all money the perks of my job choices and lifestyle

  1. Twoodlepip

    Eh it clearly says more about her..?! He was parked up, noted the exceptionally ignorant woman “parked” for at least 10 mins, a mere few feet from his car so he chose to expose her nauseating behaviour. Time isn’t an issue here Bing Gong Gone? Can only imagine a self-entitled type would see nothing wrong with this story! :)

    1. Bing Gong Gone

      “Can only imagine a self-entitled type would see nothing wrong with this story” – that’s quite an assumption. On the flip side – is it fair to say that it’s mostly begrudgers that don’t see something wrong with this story?

    1. Boba Fettucine

      The place is teeming with ‘farming land rezoned for housing’ instant millionaires. But like Sandymount. On the plus side they’ve all blown the cash on Italian tiled wet rooms and shopping trips to NYC assuming that the bontemps would continue to roulez.

      For more see: The Irish Times weekend magazine – ‘this sofa’s a steal at €3000’ etc etc

  2. Peter Danner

    I wonder if the inventors of the internet ever envisaged the wonders of what it might some day become. Namely a place where someone could forever encapsulate in time the inanity of the fact that a woman double parked her car for an alleged 10 mins (probably more like 3), first world problems for sure.

    On the bright side the article did afford @joj the luxury of building an entire fictitious narrative substantiated by nothing more than a car model and reg plate to feed that ever insatiable Irish desire to begrudge.

    Christ technology, we were meant to have jet-packs at this stage, and all we have is this.

    1. sqoid

      you could be a taxi pulling in to drop someone off and it would still be a very dangerous spot to stop.

      zero consideration has been given to anybody.

      Only past the lights and to the right there is a huge amount of parking available

    2. Wayne.F

      I was answering a call as she answered still there when the call ended and the duration of the call according to my phone log was 10:17. So pretty sure the timing is accurate.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Hollywood may need your input when the screen adaptation of this event starts. Stay by your phone.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Ah here
    Ye can D6 no its 6W
    Gym Bimbo Rezone Queen
    Entitlement ta’ purple couches and OMG all ye like

    Thats one pig ignorant way to park
    on any road

    I don’t care how new her merc is
    Or how wet her room is
    Or how private her kids school
    She has the manners of a lump of left behind dog sh15

    It must be mortifying to be her dinner companion

  4. flourishist

    Relax she’s/ he’s one of the dummies, we have to mind the dummies. I don’t know why. But we do.

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