Cut Above The Rest




This afternoon.

Percy Place, Dublin 4

Keith writes:

So Cllr Frank O Rourke is having his clamp sawn off [allegedly] by the local builders…

Seems legit and within Dublin City Council regulations.

If we were running City Hall.

But we don’t.




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27 thoughts on “Cut Above The Rest

  1. postmanpat

    Ha!. he’s got my vote. if I was registered. no but seriously. I don’t vote in elections (because it really doesn’t matter who you vote for.)

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      …and your criminal record current incarceration does not help matters.

  2. Martin Heavy-Guy

    Who pays for the replacement clamp? That would be us, I guess.

    Who pays for the clampers to patrol in the first place? Um…us again.

    Who pays this gob-sprite politician’s wages?

    It’s not even worth wondering about who the builder is.

    A little waste goes a long way.

    1. Frenchfarmer

      “Who pays this gob-sprite politician’s wages?”
      Well you do actually.
      He might even claim the (illegal) payment as expenses.

  3. Niall

    This is my van, not Cllr Frank O’Rourkes. I am a supporter and the van belongs to me and is solely driven by me. Therefore the bad parking is purely my doing!
    What the photo doesn’t show is that there were approximately 12 vehicles clamped there today. We had spoken to a member of Dublin city council and were told it was fine to park there, clearly it wasn’t!
    I didn’t tamper with the clamp, somebody else cut the clamps off the majority of the vehicles there. While it was tempting to just drive away, I didn’t, I phoned and paid my fine and explained that the clamp had been cut off. Confirmation text: Your vehicle has been declamped. Please drive safely.Dichlampaladh d’fheithicil.Tiomain le curam le do thoil.

    1. Dave091

      Downside of removing a clamp put on by the council (as opposed to say NCPS) is that you have an outstanding fine with the council.
      If the DCC clampers spot the car with an outstanding fine for a clamp, they just impound the vehicle.

      1. Dave091

        Poor randomers who had they’re clamps removed without they’re knowledge, are going to have their cars impounded next time they park in town :(

  4. Liam Deliverance

    That’s one less candidate to have to worry about voting for in Kildare North at least. (Even if you were loopy enough to still be considering voting FF in the first place)

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