Problem Reaction Solution


Didn’t see that coming.

Said person without internet.

Earlier: Unintended Consequences

Contre Nous De La Tyrannie



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23 thoughts on “Problem Reaction Solution

  1. ReproBertie

    Statements? Seriously? Every TD in the shop wanting their 30 seconds of commiseration and comdemnation in the record. Sure it might make the local papers!

    1. donal

      I can only imagine the amount of repetition tomorrow. There may be one or two who have eloquence and might say something meaningful, the rest will be up late in the dail library tonight, passing round the thesarus

  2. ahjayzis

    Emperor Palpatine started out as a socialist wading into trade disputes, a warning from history!

    If anything like this were to happen in Ireland it’d be utter, utter catastrophe. Can anyone see our security services / politicians actually being up to the task?

    1. ReproBertie

      The emergency services seemed to cope with the Dublin/Monaghan bombings in ’74. The Army Ranger wing was set up specifically to deal with terrorist threats. The politician’s reactions and abilities would be pretty much irrelevant but the people who actually do stuff would probably just get on with doing their stuff.

  3. manolo

    The military have Hollande’s ears by the looks of it. Bad news, we could have done with a response closer to the Norwegian PM after Utøya. They are doing exactly what ISIS wants.

    1. ollie

      What would you suggest? A meeting?
      ISIL understand one thing only, and France is correct to bomb them off the planet.
      As for Ireland, maybe Enda will send a condolences telegram (I don’t think he can use the Interweb) to ISIL expressing his sympathy for the death of Jihad John, thereby following in the footsteps of Dev who made a similar gesture when Hitler died.
      We are a weak nation when it comes to terrorism.

      1. manolo

        Maybe you are right and there’s no option other than to give the terrorists exactly what they were looking for. That worked well for Bush.

        1. Seriously

          Seems like a zero-sum situation for Holland though:
          if he goes all out and bombs ISIS the Left say he’s giving the Terrorists what they want,
          if he goes full diplomacy and tries to fight ISIS with reason and debate the Right say he’s giving the Terrorists what they want…

      2. classter

        I would be absolutely fine with ‘bombing ISIL of the planet’ except that I’m fairly sure that won’t work.

  4. CousinJack

    Perhaps France are going to end the EU (Merkels) policy of appeasement. Perhaps we don’t have to repeat the 1930s afterall.

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