The Christmas Fad


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Staying in tonight?

Republic Of Telly

RTÉ 2 10pm.

Anne-Louise Foley writes:

It’s time for a commercial break… have ya seen that Christmas ad yet, have ya? It’s TOTES EMOSH….


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3 thoughts on “The Christmas Fad

  1. Smith

    gotta love the newly rebranded RTE 2, with its reality series and faux-observational documentaries. Like TV3, only worse. A girl introducing a programme the other night actually said “totes emosh” without the slightest sense of irony.

    All this and losing key sporting events. International soccer will be next. How can a public broadcaster be so unaccountable with public money.

    1. Joe cool

      They’ll give themselves a bonus too. They’ll view putting on sh1t as a money saving exercise and reward themselves

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