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This morning.

At the Capuchin Day Centre, Bow Street, Dublin 7.

Capuchin Franciscan priest-friar Brother Richard writes:

Over the past 24 hours our Brothers Kevin, Sean, Bryan and a vast team of local volunteers have packed up 3,000 Christmas “Hampers” for distribution to the homeless who attend the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin…

Congratulations and blessings to all involved but how sad it is to see this as so necessary today… Give what you can to those in need, if you can’t give money, give time and presence and if you can’t give those then at least give your prayers…

Charity to hand out 3,000 food hampers before Christmas (RTE)

Earlier: No Room


Evan Murphy tweetz:

Well that’s it. Aldi Glounthaune [Co Cork] is sold out of #prosecco lol


More as we get it.

Media Coop has created a little film about some of Dublin’s most committed Christmas illuminators.

Colin Norris, of Media Coop, writes:

One of the neighbours, Mr Tilly, would be busy setting his lights up every year and we wanted to know why he did it? We ended up visiting homes in Sandymount, Crumlin and Palmerstown to meet the people who, every Christmas, light up their homes for their communities and the charities they support.

Meet Mr Tilly, Josie and Seanie as they invite us into their incredible homes and tell us about why they ‘Let it Glow’ each Christmas.


Eliot Loudermilk writes:

It’s my annual mail asking you to plug my naughty-language-laden site for picking Christmas presents, but without having to resort to putting thought into it.

It’s getting close now, so I reckon your readers will be at the required level of desperation to find it useful

What the eff will YOU get?

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