26 thoughts on “The Farce Awakens

    1. D2dweller

      I’m guessing you either work for Broadsheet, who seem to be on a mission to convince people this guy is funny, or are a mate of his?

  1. Prop Joe

    SO pathetic.
    Like I’d say your mates and parents would be absolutely ashamed of you for the blatant alter ego posts here.

  2. Daire

    This guy is not funny. He tries very hard. I also suspect he or his colleague leave glowing comments on BS or other.

  3. Odockatee

    I go to the comments section before I even look at the videos these days, I love how upset people get watching him. I am having that

    1. fmong

      +1 I don’t even watch the videos, but I love the mix of obvious fake praise comments he or his pals are clearly posting for the first 5 mins the video goes up and then all the subsequent posts calling for this saps death..

      in saying all that I’ve no doubt he’ll be picked up by RTE’s ‘comedy’ department for a full series any day now…

      1. Deluded

        You… come here for the content?
        Jk ^_^
        I love the random stuff, the eye-candy, the readers’ photos, stuff that makes me go “hmmm” but I don’t have an actual comment….
        Clicks are clicks, I guess.

  4. Caroline


    I call him The Border Fox!!

    ‘Border’ because he’s from Louth or some sh1t.

    ‘Fox’ because there’s been an exponential in his presence leading to widespread nuisance and calls for a cull.

  5. Vanessa

    It’s hilarious that some people seem convinced that nobody could possibly find him entertaining! I thought he seemed like an awful eejit when I watched him for the first time but for some reason couldn’t stop watching his videos and have been sucked in big time now… Send help!

    Most of his comments on youtube are from women who have a thing for him. Must confess I appear to have joined their ranks… Send help!

    1. rotide

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess this username has pretty much only posted in topics regarding this dude.

      I’d actually shorten this comment to ‘hello ; but I have no idea what his name is.

      1. Vanessa

        Not true actually – BS could confirm from my email address I’ve posted many times. I actually changed my name for these comments because I’m ashamed of myself for this…

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