Eoghan Dunne writes:

Hey i compiled these images to highlight how every advert on TV is ripping off the original Coca Cola ad with the trucks.  Virgin Media, Cadburys and DFS have all ripped it off. I think its pathetic. No originality and now all the ads on TV are the same.

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24 thoughts on “Always Real

  1. Prop Joe

    Eoghan, go back to bed.
    There were trucks in ads before the coke ad.

    I think there’s bigger things to be worrying about now.

    1. Nigel

      I kinda wish more people in the world devoted their time and energy to such harmless pastimes to amuse themselves. Yay for the harmless things, I say,

  2. Del McG

    I’d love to live such a trouble-free life that the proliferation of big rigs in commercials was the main cause of worry in my day

  3. Papa P

    This is definitely the most outrageous thing to happen in the recent past.
    You are right to concentrate on this.

    1. Caroline

      Good man pip. You’re a bottle of sherry half full kind of guy. True meaning of Christmas right here folks.

  4. Grouse

    Ah come on, everyone. It is a bit weird that so many of these “trucks arriving with magic” are out this year, no? And the original Coke ad is genuinely iconic, as ads go (they were playing it again in the cinema last night).

  5. Owen

    I’m concerned the UPC truck wont be able to maneuver many of the Irish roads. It could leave us stuck for Christmas.

    Has anyone spoke with the Road Authority on this? BS, I assume you have a direct line to the RA to escalate pressing issues like this. Could you call them now please.

  6. Turd Ferguson

    I agree with Eoghan. All truck drivers should be rounded up and killed. How dare they try to make a living ripping of Coke by driving trucks like that ALL YEAR ROUND. Trucks were invented by Coke (as was Santa, ADHD and ricketts) and they were only ever designed to be driven at Christmas to transport Coke.

  7. Frilly Keane

    If its not broken….

    Coke have been using that ad since Santy last came to my gaff ffs

    Talk about good value for money

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