26 thoughts on “The Changing Face Of Barbie

    1. meadowlark

      Oddly enough the 2007 one freaks me out a bit… She reminds me of that anorexic bitch I was in school with.

  1. Mikeyfex

    Actually pretty interesting when you look at them individually.

    Some of the biggest changes were from the years X9 to X0, one decade to the next.

    Proves the 90s was actually a worse decade than the 80s.

    62 was delighted ’59 to ’61 was over.

    Am I reading too much into it?

    1. is in the air

      2015 Barbie is a minimal makeup feminist who writes about gender neutral toys for the Guardian.

  2. Caroline

    1983 Crystal Barbie, with a shout out to 1984’s Day to Night Barbie for the mad accessories. Bin the rest. Make Skipper watch.

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