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A penguin-filled graphic novel about the Grim Reaper for the little ones?

Oh go on then.

Brendan O’Connell & Fiona Boniwell write:

We’re a writer/illustrator team from Cork who have self-published a graphic novel for children (ostensibly anyway) called Death’s New Lease on Life. It’s about Death, or, to be more specific, the Grim Reaper. And the need to feel wanted. And penguins. So many many penguins.

Thirty two pages long, Death’s New Lease On Life taps into children’s fascination with the macabre, telling the story of how a forlorn Grim Reaper comes to a better appreciation of life and, subsequently, you know, himself. It’s funny and joyous, in its own peculiar way. With lots of new words for curious children to learn. And it has penguins. So many, many penguins.

It’s available in Waterstones in Cork, Vibes & Scribes and a number of independent shops around Cork county. Or it can be bought directly from us here.  And there’s also digital version to print on Amazon here.

Death’s New Lease on Life

Rachel Corcoran writes:

I am an illustrator and designer from Dublin. I create fun and fashionable hand-lettered prints that will fill your home with positive vibes. I also illustrate pun-loving greeting cards, Christmas cards, hand-dyed tote bags, and cute biscuit themed pocket mirrors. Prices start from €5. Take a look at all items on my website [link below]

Rachel Corcoran

DSC_0421DSC_0312 (1)

How Darko?

Meg ‘Do not doubt my commitment’ Hyland writes:

I have 2 new screenprints in Gallery 1988’s new Crazy4Cult show opening tonight in LA. Available online from tomorrow afternoon.Inspired by Donnie Darko (2001) the screen print is an ode to the movie’s premiere dance team ‘Sparkle Motion’. A 15″x15″ screen print. Gold and silver metallic ink on black matte PVC, signed and numbered edition of 30, $40 Silver and Blue variant on black matte PVC, signed and numbered edition of 30, $40. Copper variant edition of 10, available [at link below] soon.

Meg Hyland

Stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-made Stocking Fillers’. No cash just a consensual cyber cuddle.

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