Nice Crib, Brú


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This afternoon.

Brú Aimsir hostel,  Thomas Street*, Dublin 8.

Like a frugal Google HQ.

To open this weekend providing accomodation for 80 single men and separately for 20 single women.

The service is provided by Dublin City Council and state-funded  Crosscare and part of DCC’s Cold Weather Initiative (CWI).

Fair play in fairness.

Dublin City Council Open Homeless Service For 100 (InTallaght)

Pics: Sorcha Donohoe/ and via Liberties (Dublin)

* At the the rear of 11-13 Thomas Street in the old Cash ‘n’ Carry building, part of The Digital Hub.

Thanks John Gallen

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30 thoughts on “Nice Crib, Brú

      1. human

        I wonder if the last words these male refugees said to their wives before they left them behind in Syria were “I’m just popping down the shop”?

          1. ReproBertie

            So that he can continue the muslim-hating lie that the refugees are all men who abandoned their wives and children to a war zone of course. This is despite the news pictures clearly showing women and children whenever footage of refugees is shown. Alas hate-mongering idiots like human are immune to simple truths and facts. It’s a defensive measure to prevent him having to reconsider his stupid, backward opinions.

  1. Happy Molloy

    Excellent, looks good.

    While looking at it I got to thinking, why is it so expensive to create these sort of facilities? When you look at “normal” hostels, they are very cheap to run, just beds in rooms and a few common areas really.
    Only real expense is in the building purchase/rental – which is a good reason why they prob shouldn’t be in Dublin 2 (!)

      1. Happy Molloy

        was being a bit tongue in cheek clampers but regardless of the whole NIMBY, I don’t think there’s any solid reason why they should be city centre.

        what i was mainly wondering is why private hostels can sleep people for €20 a night, why can’t the state do likewise?

      2. scottser

        the city centre isn’t where all homeless services should be concentrated. there should be a local service in each postcode for those made homeless in their immediate locality.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          No, not all. But city centres are known to be where homeless people congregate. I don’t have the links (this debate was done last year) but it is fact that the vast majority come into the city for a number of reasons including more people more chance of a few bob, etc. And it’s much safer than in the burbs. Yes, some should be further out.

          I was more getting a bee in me bonnet about, as Happy says, D2 NIMBYs…

  2. Neilo

    A faith-based initiative pays off…nice! Let’s hope the guests get squared away with a more permanent solution soon.

    1. meadowlark

      Not really. On a cold night like this I would imagine it is not important, when someone will have a warm bed for the night.

  3. nige

    dorms again! this time last year this was the main complaint of those advocating on behalf of the homeless – many do not feel safe in dorm situations, single rooms, no matter how small are needed.

  4. Serv

    Exactly, every complaint seems to be related to safety and dorms. So why build dorms. Clean, single, safe rooms are better than digital hqs.

    Are we listening to service users or telling them what they want?

    1. Happy Molloy

      I suppose it’s because of what is practical and achievable. you could have 12 beds in a space that would have 3 single rooms. so do we have the money or space to build that many single rooms?
      I think the more pertinent question would be how to make them safer, or may be to have dry hostels or non drug addict hostels etc

      1. scottser

        There are emergency accommodations for those without alcohol or drug issues, Crosscare amiens st for example.

      2. john nagle

        This does look like a case of style over substance though, If space was a concern why make the reception area so big and bean bags are for teenagers, Even a small wall between the beds would work as a bit of privacy.

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