18 thoughts on “An Acquired Taste

    1. Prop Joe

      I wonder why one of the names above is an abbreviation of the star of the movie in the broadsheet trailerpark above? (trailer posted at 10.27 starring Melissa McCarthy….post above by Melissa Mc posted at 10.30)

      I bet that persons password is “postit”

  1. Joe cool

    I’m very close to deleting this app if this guy is still on it. Yeh, yeh I get it, you don’t have to read it. But I come to B.S. For my honest, unbiased reporting , not this joker

    1. Mr. T.

      “For my honest, unbiased reporting”

      LOL. It’s not a newspaper. You need to up your standards if you’re looking for actual journalism.

  2. Bubbles

    There must be a reason this guy is getting frequent exposure on Broadsheet. He’s not funny or original or talented or in any way important, but still he’s featured. He has friends and family who add painfully obvious shilling comments, everybody else either actively detests him or ignores him.
    Is he BFFs with a broadsheet boss? Does somebody there owe him a pile of money? Does he have an envelope full of Polaroids that show the Broadsheet crew in compromising situations?

  3. Dervla

    Luv this guy! Happily sexscribed to him ;) Think I accidentally made some of this cocktail under my desk watchin this lol

    what i mean is I peed all over myself and the ground >_<

  4. Bunty McSexkitten

    just really funny

    I heard in real life he’s an English actor that’s been in loads of Shakespearean plays and is friends with Patrick Stewart’s cousin, but has become tragically unhinged, must say it only makes me like him more!!

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