Anything Good In Alive?



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12 thoughts on “Anything Good In Alive?

    1. postmanpat

      whoa!! read it just now. I love the over use of sarcastic “inverted commas” and “exclamation marks!” . Alive is a great laugh of read for when your on the crapper. And you can use it to wipe your bottom afterwards. Unlike so-called modern hippy “racist (?!) PDFs!”.

    1. Cup of tea anyone

      I think the nazi one is a letter from that Frank O’Meara lad from Clare who was featured on here last week with similar mumblings.

  1. garthicus

    “What then is the alternative in education and in therapy? The only alternative is a radical focus on truth. Instead of teaching children nonsense like “celebrating diversity” (racists add to the diversity in any
    school!) or perverting their ability to grasp reality, education needs to instill in young people a love for the
    truth and a desire to seek it always “

  2. Casey

    For more that 50 yeatrs scientific research has played down the lasting harm of divorce on children, the pain of mothers who aborted their babies, the effects of being reared in a “gay” household, the self- absorption arising from child-centred education.

    The whole article basically boils down to “We don’t like this stuff cos….. “God”. So all research that says it is a good thing or a positive for the child is wrong and na na na na na”

    1. Casey

      Eughhhhh… really? Do I have to? Waaahhh!!…… but … but I have all that divorcing, aborting, shagging, gaying, yoga, and finding my kid a child-centred education to do. When is a girl / boy supposed to find the time to repent too?

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