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Stop doing that.

Karlj writes:

You should put up a select transcript from today’s Liveline [RTÉ Radio 1. The host went off on an angle about this letter (above) in Alive! [Catholic newspaper] and the editor Fr [Brian] Mc Kevitt was able for him.

However each point the priest was made was twisted by Joe Duffy or other callers and it descended into a farce. In particular Joe Duffy questioning Alive! policies and not being able to defend RTÉ licence payers being used to pay 3 producers for a 75 minute show! Fr McKevitt has previous complained to the BAI about Joe Duffy’s treatment….


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They care.

Kevin Duggan writes:

Front of Catholic Alive! newspaper….are trying to appeal to a new demographic? Looked at article inside, should have guessed what it was about :(

Nicki Minaj?


PaddyirishMan writes:

This is from the reception area in the Department of Children and Youth Affairs [Mespil Road, Dublin 2]. Picture taken last week. Openly distributing [extreme Catholic paper] “Alive!”. No other papers available…