Meanwhile, In The Dáil



Independent TD Peter Mathews

TD ejected from the Dail after raising plight of jailed Irish teen Ibrahim Halawa (

Laura Hutton/

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12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Dáil

  1. Mr. T.

    They don’t care about him because he is Muslim. That’s the long and short of it.

    He’s the wrong KIND of citizen.

    1. Neilo

      I wouldn’t be as confident that religious persuasion has much to do with it. If, and I say if, the young lad fell in with the Muslim Brotherhood or similar, he’ll be waiting a while for his pardon. The military are no fans of the MB to put it mildly.

    2. meadowlark

      Well as I’ve mentioned on here before, his sisters are attempting to bring it before David Cameron and have him intervene as the Irish government are not acting. They are, with moderate success, trying to bring it to international attention. The Irish government may well be shamed into action.

  2. Rob_G

    “Mr Barrett said the teenager’s case could not be raised because it was not on the Order of Business.”

    – well, that’s probably why he was thrown out, then.

  3. 15 cents

    i dont think its a religion thing. its more that the government are very very scared to be in any way confrontational with any other government .. particularly one with potential to be a bit volatile. mainly because they dont know what theyre doing, and when they deal with other countries governments outside of a photo shoot/friendly meeting scenario, theyre afraid theyll be internationally uncovered for the farce they are, a bunch of ex primary school teachers.

    1. delacaravanio

      Nonsense. If it was a blonde white Irish girl this would never be off the news, and the ex-primary school teachers would be queuing up to fly to Egypt to make representations.

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