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Meet Ibrahim Halawa and his sisters.

In the Teacher’s Club, Parnell Square, Dublin 1 at 7pm.

United Against Racism writes:

We are delighted to host an evening with our special guests Ibrahim, Somaia and Fatima Halawa.

After four long years Ibrahim was finally freed and returned home to Ireland. We would like to dedicate this evening to the struggle for his freedom and the widespread solidarity the campaign received.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to listen to Ibrahim’s story first hand, and talk to Fatima and Somaia about the ‘Free Ibrahim Halawa Campaign’, their resilience and persistence.

An Evening with Ibrahim Halawa

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Ibrahim Halawa after his arrival in Dublin Airport last week

RTE writes:

“Ibrahim Halawa will appear on The Late Late Show on Friday night. He will be discussing his four years spent in an Egyptian jail awaiting trial, relating to a protest in Cairo, before his eventual acquittal on all charges; what it was like to finally be free to return to Ireland and what he intends on doing next.

“He joins Conor McGregor on the line-up for this week’s Late Late Show – the full line-up will be revealed tomorrow.”

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This morning.

Dublin Airport.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


This morning.

Dublin Airport Terminal 1

Ibrahim Halawa returns after four years in a Cairo prison accompanied by his sister, Nosayba and the Irish Ambassador in Egypt Seán O’Regan.

Mr Halawa, from Firhouse, Tallaght in Dublin was arrested when he was 17-years-old with his three sisters, Omaima, Somaia and Fatima in August 2013 following protests against the military coup in Egypt.

More as we get it.

Earlier: Coming Home

Pics via Sean Defoe

This morning.

Ibrahim Halawa, his sister Nasaybi and Ambassador to Egypt, Sean O’Regan on a flight returning to Dublin.



Latest: Taoiseach delighted at Ibrahim Halawa’s release from prison (Irish Examiner)

“Ibrahim is free and will soon be safely home with his family in Dublin. It is thanks to the determined work of his lawyers and campaigning of his family, friends and Amnesty activists that his horrific ordeal has finally come to an end. Ibrahim should never have had to endure this horrendous experience.

He has lost four years of his young life and nothing can ever excuse that injustice. Thankfully, his nightmare is finally over and he can now begin to move on with his life. Throughout the four years of his detention, Ibrahim’s family never gave up. They campaigned relentlessly with determination and energy.

I am proud and privileged to have worked alongside them, particularly his sisters who are incredible, tenacious women who campaigned with enormous courage. Their love and concern for Ibrahim inspired all who worked for his release.”

Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland

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A Free Ibrahim Halwas rally last month at the Egypt embassy in ballsbridge, Dublin 4

“…It would be dishonest and dangerous to say the welcome his release provokes is equivocal. His association with the Muslim Brotherhood must colour it.

That organisation’s long-standing objectives are diametrically opposed to the tolerance and inclusivity this society expects and cherishes.

On his return, Mr Halawa should clarify his relationship with that organisation and hopefully that will allow him lead a full and happy life in Ireland. We should not be apologetic or in any way reticent about asking for that clarification.

Editorial, The Irish Examiner today

The Irish Examine

Tough on unproven crime.

Tough on the hypothetical cause of unproven crime.

Please clarify – Ibrahim Halawa acquitted (Irish Examiner)

Yesterday: Ibrahim’s Acquitted

Ibrahim Halawa before his arrest with his sisters, from left: Fatima, Omaima and Somaia.

From top: Ibrahim Halawa moments after the verdict and Irish Consul at the Irish Embassy in Cairo Shane Gleeson (gesturing to Ibrahim)

This just in,

Declan Walsh tweetz:

Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa and his three sisters have been acquitted of all charges by an anti-terrorism court outside Cairo.

Ibrahim Halawa, moments after his acquittal. He jumped with joy, hugged fellow prisoners and had tears in his eyes…

Irish consul Shane Gleeson gestures to Ibrahim Halawa, Irishman imprisoned in Egypt for 4 years, after his acquittal…

In fairness.


Somaia Halawa, Ibrahim’s sister, said:

“We are delighted at today’s verdict. Our entire family are overjoyed at the result and we now look forward to seeing Ibrahim return home as soon as possible.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who tirelessly campaigned and fought for Ibrahim’s release.


Darragh Mackin, of KRW LAW solicitor to Ibrahim Halawa said:

“Today marks the end to what has been a turbulent four years. Throughout that time Ibrahim Halawa and his family have tirelessly fought for his freedom – and today’s verdict is a true testament to their hard work and dedication. Ibrahim and his family have been vindicated by today’s verdict.

We now look forward to seeing Ibrahim return home to his family in the coming days, and will be actively engaging with the Irish and Egyptian Government to ensure that happens without any further delay.”


President Michael D Higgins said:

“As President of Ireland I welcome the news that Ibrahim Halawa and his three sisters have today been acquitted of all charges brought against him, and them, in what has been a prolonged, distressing and draining experience.

Today’s decision brings to an end a long ordeal that Ibrahim, his family, friends and legal team have been put through.

I am sure Ibrahim’s family are looking forward to the moment that Ibrahim will return to his home and loved ones.

I am sure they will have been sustained by the support of all those who have campaigned for his release over the last four years.

It is appropriate, also, to acknowledge at this time the important efforts of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the staff at Ireland’s embassy in Cairo.”

Statement by President Michael D. Higgins welcoming the acquittal of Ibrahim Halawa

Further to this…

In a statement released by Darragh Mackin, solicitor for Ibrahim Halawa, Mr Mackin said:

“Today’s news is truly devastating for our client and his family. Regrettably, this is not the first time the case has been due to conclude when a last-minute, unexpected and unjustified decision is taken to delay the case further. We are now four years on, with each day and each false dawn having a hugely significant mental and physical impact on our client’s health.

“It is not known when this case will ever end. Such irrational and unpredictable decisions cannot be allowed to continue, and in particular when they operate in a vacuum of lawfulness depriving our client of his basic rights.”

Ibrahim’s sister Somaia Halawa said:

“It is truly upsetting and heart-breaking to constantly keep having our expectations and hopes shattered into a million pieces. It is not just Ibrahim’s life that is being played around with but also the entire family’s life. We would ask that our family are allowed some time to ourselves during this difficult period.”

Previously: Ibrahim’s Return

Ibrahim Halawa

Aaron Rogan, of The Times Ireland edition, reports:

The process of returning Ibrahim Halawa to Ireland after four years in an Egyptian prison will start next week following the conclusion of his trial.

The judge in the case announced yesterday that he would deliver his verdict on Monday. Regardless of the ruling, Mr Halawa’s return home is expected to be secured.

President Sisi of Egypt has promised the Irish government that he will grant Mr Halawa clemency and allow him to leave if he is convicted.

Irish officials in Cairo will seek to have that process started as soon as a verdict is delivered. Mr Halawa, 21, from Firhouse in south Dublin, has been in prison in Cairo since 2013.

Halawa’s return home to be confirmed by Egypt within day (Aaron Rogan, The Times Ireland edition)