44 thoughts on “Was IS For This?

    1. mauriac

      how quickly Shock&Awe™ in Baghdad and the hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq generally is relegated to the memory hole in any media incantation of the horrors of recent years.

  1. Kolmo

    It is on!
    It is on like fat Pat’s thong.

    You’d imagine these religious medieval goat hasslers would brush up on their geography, pfft.

  2. Friscondo

    They’re all talk. Oh wait ………….
    And is it just me or was that video as camp as Christmas.

    1. flourishist

      So what, you think we should appease zealots who choose violence? We deserve their focus because we are not on their side? I don’t care to read your response just want you to have asked yourself these questions; should we ever suffer their actions, you can ask yourself again maybe.
      Me? Duck that, no justification for violence against civilians anywhere, Iraq, Syria, The Dail, Ferguson, it’s all bad. But I get confused when people say “if we didn’t go over there…”
      WE didn’t. WE protested. WE cannot effect change in this regard. If we could…possible, a different reaction is merited.
      Like, normal Muslims are duckin sound skins, these eejits are brain washed tool, being sent to do horrible things to sound skins. Nothing justifies that like,… I hope.

      1. Mr. T.

        “So what, you think we should appease zealots who choose violence? ”

        Oh you must mean Bush and Blair whose fake war premise killed 100,000s of Iraqi civilians.

        1. flourishist

          Please help me understand your point of view. Do you somehow think that because that wrong was done, this shower deserve to have a go at innocent people in Europe? I know that’s not it but I am using this as a rouse to get you to explain yourself. If you want. If you don’t, cool. Have a nice day either way.

          1. meadowlark

            I don’t think thats what he’s getting at but by all means throw yourself into a frenzy of righteousness.

          2. flourishist

            Hi meadowlark. I just don’t see a connection between violence carried out by nutjobs, and violence carried out by nutjobs in suits. To say that the latter excuses the former is very curious to me. If I can use the internet to better understand someone else’s pov, then that’s good internettingv sorry if I come off righteous. Not the plan.

  3. Dubh Linn

    So the lads at Daesh want us to be horrible to our Muslim neighbours because of their twisted hope that this will isolates that group in society and makes it easier for murderous fvckw1ts like them to radicalise?
    (I mean we all do know now what their intentions are, yeah?)

    Well, let’s do what we do best as a nation – be inclusive. If you have a Muslim colleague, friend, neighbour, brother-in-law, peer, schoolmate *whatever* – Go out of your way to be nice to them. Make sure they know that you assume they are one of the good guys and sure isn’t it a pity there are always a few that let the majority down. (Remember, we spent most of the 80s and 90s talking about the IRA in this way so we have the blarney off pat)

    Imagine being a small child inside a Catholic Church where any other religious group was allowed to stand outside armed to the teeth as you worshipped on the presumption that *you* were the problem. How soon would it be before you threw in the towel and took up arms against the radicals that opposed you …..
    We are more intelligent than these morans – http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/armed-protests-planned-us-mosques-the-world-saying-no-islam – now let’s show the world just by how much that is.

    1. linbinius

      I agree we shouldn’t succumb to the paranoia that they are trying to peddle but go out of your to “Hug a Muslim” is also a reaction to their policy. Maybe a more “positive” one but still.

      Just do what you wanna do….

      1. Dubh Linn

        I presume there is a word missing there. And I never advocated hugging anyone. During the years I lived in London (Canary Wharf bombing) I would have fought off any giz-a-hug, flowery fvcker who came hugging me telling me they understood that I was not one of the bad apples. The MOST I advocated was having a conversation.

        1. linbinius

          There was a word missing. Thank you for not getting hung up on that and actually replying.
          The “go out of your way to be nice to them” just allowed me to pick on your comment as a whole. To be honest, I do feel a contrived conversation in the aftermath of something like this will still be only for the benefit of the person who engages.

          Yes, I am sure there are Muslims who feel even more marginalized now but for anyone to try converse more with a stranger, purely because they are Muslim, still has a reactionary element to it.

          As i said, what you propose surely has more merit and positivity to it but I’m still trying to aim for the middle. Which is essentially trying to do as little different as possible.

          1. Dubh Linn

            Ah ok, I get you now. When I said ‘go out of your way’ – I meant make a detour to go and see your Muslim colleague, friend, neighbour, brother-in-law, peer, schoolmate *whatever* Not a theatrical production staged for someone I hardly know :)

            For instance, we have a chap in work called Thariq. Nice bloke. His wife just had their second and went back to Birmingham to spend a month with her parents as is traditional with the people from the regions his ancestors are from. We’ve had a few chats over various pieces of work we were both involved in. We pass the time of day in corridors ect.

            Last Monday, I made sure to go and have a chat with him. I left my desk, walked the 3 mins (out of my way) and mentioned a mutual colleague in France. He told me he started messaging family members at 5am on Saturday morning out of his head with worry for his younger sister. (She’s fine)

            That is the sort of thing I mean, just show the same decency you normally would to the Muslims you know. I think at the end of the day, we are both saying the same thing – Don’t be weird with people.

  4. some old queen

    I find that video quite sexy in a spotty teenage sort of way. Then again, Arabs and blacks always got preference on the Irish gay scene. Is that racist?

    1. read twice

      That’s a characteristic of IS and an identified reason why they’ve been… more “successful” than poor ol’ Al-Qaeda; IS release these exciting vids (in many languages) with a bit of the Koran thrown in whereas AQ vids showed some old dude ranting on in Arabic, pontificating (quite literally) on what a good Muslim should do. The IS vids obviously appeal more to the (disaffected) Muslim youth in Western countries.
      Not that *I* find them “sexy”, mind you. Not that I’m Muslim either. Or young. I am disaffected, though; just thought I should mention that. Happy to express it by over indulgence in unholy pleasures. :)

    1. Casey

      At the risk of pointing out that the emporer has no clothes, where is the threat and the trolling of Ireland? Yeah they show the fleg but so what?

      The whole video looks like something two first year meeja students knocked up the first time they had access to the collage studio. As for the awful Yankee voiceover -wff?

      Basically the threat boils down to “we have bullets and we know where you live” Oooehhhhh I’m shaking.

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