Meanwhile, In Belfast


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Paul Hollway, head of corporate finance with KPMG

The Irish News reports:

Four senior partners at the Belfast office of global accountancy firm KPMG have been arrested over an alleged tax fraud.”

“…Neither HMRC nor KPMG, which carries out work for Stormont departments as well as leading companies across the north, would confirm the names of the individuals.”

“But it is understood they include the Belfast operation’s chairman Jon D’Arcy, who heads its audit and transaction services team, as well as the firm’s tax practice head Eamonn Donaghy.”

“Mr Donaghy is also chairman of Grow NI, the umbrella group representing business, academic and voluntary organisations in the north committed to the devolution of corporation tax.”

Also believed to have been detained are Paul Hollway, head of corporate finance at KPMG in Ireland, and Arthur O’Brien, who provides audit and advisory services to clients including the Policing Board.”

“The four men are known to have set up a private investment company in 2005 called JEAP, from the initials of their first names.”

JEAP invested primarily in property [on both sides of the border], but from 2008 to 2010 racked up £2.8m in losses.

“It is not known if the current investigation relates to the activities of JEAP.”


Four top KPMG accountants arrested over alleged tax fraud (Irish News)

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24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Belfast

  1. well, tat's that

    I wonder if that drunkening girl’s Daddy was one of them? “Daddy works for KPMG”, t’will be a quiet Christmas in their Castleknock 3 bed semi-d.

  2. Mr. T.

    Morality and honesty is more of a thing in Norn Iron thanks to their Presbyterian and Anglican traditions, unlike the Catholic tendency towards deception and non-compliance with state laws.

    You know it’s true.

        1. Sido

          Yeah but they would only want to be Senators if they needed a 60K soft job and nobody else would employ them – in fairness Mr. T

      1. Kolmo

        in Nothen Aaghland they’re are slightly more discreet about the corruption, just as many well-placed greasy types as the rest of Ireland…

    1. classter

      ‘Morality and honesty is more of a thing in Norn Iron’

      At what point did this morality kick in – before or after planting in NI & pushing huge swathes of people into penury? And then concocting the sort of illogical, self-serving, sectarian propaganda that some of us (yourself included) still believe about ourselves?

    2. Starina

      i agree, it’s very moral and honest to hurl firebombs into people’s houses cos they’re a bit brown like them folks on the tellie.

    3. Clampers Outside!

      Total and utter nonsense. If they were actually practicing the faith as Prebyterians most would have resigned a long time ago. Like many, religion is a front, something to be seen doing and what goes on in the real world is nothing to do with that pretend reality.

      You’ve been duped Mr T, if you believe that nonsense statement you made.

  3. ahjayzis

    I hope this won’t reduce the size of the tanker load of money we give to KPMG as a state every year.

    I mean they botched their role with the banks and left us owing billions, but we still forgave and continued to be their sugar daddy.

    1. Sido

      Me to, this could affect our reputation for being a great little country to do business in. Despite it being in Norn Ireland.

  4. Walter-Ego

    Hope we can see some arrests this side of the border too. KPMG the ones who gave the banks a clean bill of health just before the crash.

    1. classter

      Only partially true.

      KPMG were auditors to AIB, Irish Life & Permanent and Irish National Building Society.

      E&Y did Anglo-Irish
      PwC did Bank of Ireland

  5. Hashtag McMór

    Only in Norn Ireland would (alleged) white collar crime be punished whereas IRA men in balaclavas clearly robbing banks of large amounts to fund the Provo pension fund is dismissed from judicial process, all in the interests of the so-called Peace Process.

  6. Damo

    I can absolutely assure you the money spirited away by the NI business ‘elite’ is vastly more than the Northern Bank fiasco (the IRA pension fund isn’t what it was either due to the housing crash). Be it Invest NI grants for mysterious firms that close 1 year later or the money sprayed over the Titanic Quarter, whose 2,000 acres is run by the appointed Harbour Commissioners not the elected Belfast City Council, the NI Events company that was funded by the Gov to put on a concert by Elton John for no obvious reason.

    Of particular note in this case is the guy arrested was also the chief tub thumper for NI getting a special lower corp tax rate from the rest of the UK, because y’know we’re as British as Kent. Now far be it from me to suggest the books where cooked to come to the conclusion that this would miraculously get the FDI rolling in…

    1. Frilly Keane

      Well now Damo
      Weren’t you up grand n’early

      It suits you
      Every word is spot on

      And wouldn’t be surprised if there were to be a few ‘helping with enquiries’ requests in this parish

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