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Dundrum Garda Station, Dublin

The Irish Times reports:

A sportsman has been questioned and released after being arrested in connection with an alleged sexual assault in Dublin last month.

He was arrested by appointment at Dundrum Garda station on Thursday night. Gardaí also took DNA samples from the man with his consent.

The alleged assault happened on the night of December 9th or early the next morning, when a complaint was made to gardaí. The woman has since made a formal statement to investigators, on foot of which the man was arrested.

Sportsman arrested over alleged sex assault in Dublin (Conor Gallagher, Ronan McGreevy, The Irish Times)

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Paul Hollway, head of corporate finance with KPMG

The Irish News reports:

Four senior partners at the Belfast office of global accountancy firm KPMG have been arrested over an alleged tax fraud.”

“…Neither HMRC nor KPMG, which carries out work for Stormont departments as well as leading companies across the north, would confirm the names of the individuals.”

“But it is understood they include the Belfast operation’s chairman Jon D’Arcy, who heads its audit and transaction services team, as well as the firm’s tax practice head Eamonn Donaghy.”

“Mr Donaghy is also chairman of Grow NI, the umbrella group representing business, academic and voluntary organisations in the north committed to the devolution of corporation tax.”

Also believed to have been detained are Paul Hollway, head of corporate finance at KPMG in Ireland, and Arthur O’Brien, who provides audit and advisory services to clients including the Policing Board.”

“The four men are known to have set up a private investment company in 2005 called JEAP, from the initials of their first names.”

JEAP invested primarily in property [on both sides of the border], but from 2008 to 2010 racked up £2.8m in losses.

“It is not known if the current investigation relates to the activities of JEAP.”


Four top KPMG accountants arrested over alleged tax fraud (Irish News)

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Meanwhile, in a review of Susan Weir’s book – Dublin’s Working Prams – A Photographic Portrait of Dublin Street Traders – Tracy O’Brien writes:

Susan explores the crisis the streets traders lived through in the mid-1980s, as they were deemed a threat by some of the powerful business interests in the city centre. Susan interviews the ladies, who tell stories of being chased down the city’s streets by the Gardaí, as they did not hold licenses for selling from the prams. Some funny anecdotes from these times tell us about ladies hiding in confession boxes to avoid the Gardaí, or drinking tea in the police station when they were arrested and having a great sing song while they waited to be released.

Review on Newsfour.ie

Max Clifford, one of the UK’s leading public relations experts, has been arrested by detectives investigating historic sex offences.

Scotland Yard said officers had arrested a man in his 60s “on suspicion of sexual offences” and had taken him to central London police station.

Max Clifford arrested in sex offences investigation (BBC News)