14 thoughts on “Tuning Out

  1. Mehlol

    That’s not a euphemism, is it? Could have been worse I guess. I did actually see a guy “playing with his tin whistle” while stopped at the lights on Merrion Square a few years ago. W**ker.

  2. Paps

    The expectation of privacy is well and truly dead, not only do you have to worry about snoopers looking for a highlight to their mundane existence , they now post this crepe online for some kind of sick validation.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      I once saw someone stopped at the lights and they weren’t picking their nose but unfortunately it was before the camera phone era so nobody believes it.

    2. Parky Mark

      If you expect privacy while practising the tin whistle then you do it at home.
      Don’t expect privacy while practising in the middle of the street, driving.

      1. Owen

        Yeah, but he has a point. Perhaps he’d expect a few stares and comments, but a photo taken an posted online seems a needlessly intrusive.

        Who cares what he is doing? This is a completely pointless post. Not funny, not thoughtful, just click bate. ‘Look, this lad is slightly outside of normal protocol’.

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