By Mick Flavin

Fine Gael Set To Become Biggest Party By Far After Election (Irish Times)


Would you like your own ‘Flavin’?

And help the homeless?

Mick writes:

I’ll try to draw pretty much anything you request, photos or simple ideas, once I think I can do it justice. Donation of €10, or more if you can afford it, to be given to Capuchin Day Centre. If providing a photo it should be of fairly decent quality. Drawings will be small (around A6 size) and If you want things changed, I’ll do my best to comply….

Send your image/idea to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Mick Flavin’.

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35 thoughts on “Unforgiven

  1. Dubh Linn

    What a brilliant idea! Fair dues Mick! I hear that Dόn Pídgéόní is after a good cause or two to donate to, do let him know about this :)

  2. ivan

    I think perhaps in recognition of your fine work, sir, it behoves us to maybe all chuck the price of a cuppa at your nominated charidee…

    1. Mick Flavin

      Well, it’s a great charity, so that’d be fantastic if people could do that, but don’t be shy in sending in a picture for me to do if you’d like one (even something as simple as a pic for use as an avatar or something).

  3. Dubh Linn

    Donation made: Confirmation number: 6RC43799H8132890E.

    I have no imagination so cannot think of what to ask you to draw but I nominate yer man (?) ivan above to get a drawing because of his excellent suggestion. Appriciate not everyone has a lot to give this time of year so better a cup of tea than nothing so his idea was a great one.

  4. Joni2015

    Fair play. I’d put 50 quid away for a picture of me trollng away at my laptop with broadsheet open. I’ll send an email.

    1. Mrtits

      How about we all donate a tenner so Mick doesn’t feed the ego of this poisonous little comment farter, whatever his latest username is? Just an idea

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Arra Mick, there are too many things I want you to draw.
    This is both a wonderful idea and a headwrecker.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      This is a genuine question
      ( I know they’re rare on here ).

      I was going to ask Mick to draw one of my Dad and his ( late ) father.
      If someone gave you that would you think it weird or mawkish?

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Only weird if one didn’t know your Dad and his da.
        Go for it.
        I did some work for an accomplished artist once and in return I could request a portrait. I got one done (from a photo) of my late mother and it is far nicer than a framed photo. Has a timeless quality, nods to all the great portrait artists I know and love and you know that every stroke was pencilled by a talented person who wanted to do a good job, i.e. not a machine. I would recommend mounting and framing it well as I’ve seen some hand-drawn portraits hanging in houses really let down by a cheap gilt frame of the Pound Shop variety.

      2. meadowlark

        No. That is a very nice idea. Mick has a lightness of touch that would keep it descending to any kind of mawkishness

  6. meadowlark

    Someone mentioned a Jedward (or Jihadward, as Hoop so brilliantly put it) pic. I will pay good money to see that.

  7. rory

    I’d like to see Mick draw pictures of the regular commenters on here. Without any aid of photos or physical description. It’d be interesting to see how he pictures them in the minds eye.

      1. rory

        Righteo. I wasn’t really thinking about bullying. They don’t have to be funny either, just how you picture them.
        I was hoping they’d be one or two personal choices by the artist, if that’s possible?

        I’m aware that this may be a difficult/awkward ask, particularly if they’re to be shown on BS.* So no problem if it’s not feasible.

        P.S. Thanks meadowlark!

        *(I couldn’t tell from the post if they are or not. I don’t mind if they’re not.)

        1. Mick Flavin

          Okay Rory, I’ll give it a shot. I’ll see what I can come up with. Give me a few days…
          The idea was to send on the drawings to the people who asked for them, but if I can come up with something decent for this BS might want to put them up.

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